• Timber Wins "Best Visual Effects” Award at the MTV VMAs For Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble"

    Timber Wins "Best Visual Effects” Award at the MTV VMAs For Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble"

    Timber’s creative team celebrates their first MTV Video Music Awards win for “Best Visual Effects" for Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble." Timber’s VFX contributions elevated the surrealistic nature of the music video, holding a powerful artistic presence throughout.

    Watch “Humble” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvTRZJ-4EyI

  • Eastern Projects Gallery Presents “PRSNT TENSE” Featuring Artwork By Bullitt Director Anthony Le

    Eastern Projects Gallery Presents “PRSNT TENSE” Featuring Artwork By Bullitt Director Anthony Le

    Bullitt director Anthony Leonardi exhibits select paintings as part of Eastern Projects Gallery’s PRSNT TENSE, a distinguished showcase celebrating nine contemporary artists. The theme of PRSNT TENSE arose from the pervasive sense of tension that many feel while navigating life’s challenges, turning to art for catharsis as a collective. Leonardi’s work offers a perspective twist, projecting the mundane into the world of the surreal and the fantastical.

    Represented as a commercial director by Bullitt, Anthony Leonardi is a fourth-generation filmmaker who has directed major campaigns for global brands including Audi, Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, Chevy, Harley-Davidson, and Pizza Hut. He was a selectee to the Warner Bros. New Filmmakers Program, and has been a sequence designer and concept artist for films such as Kong: Skull Island, The Jungle Book, Game of Thrones, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, 47 Ronin, The Lone Ranger, Rango, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Anthony recently completed production on Con Man featuring Alan Tudyk.

    PRSNT TENSE Details:

    Saturday, August 5th, 2017 to Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

    Eastern Projects Gallery

    900 N Broadway, Suite 1090

    Los Angeles, CA 90012


  • Award-winning Advertainment Studio BARK BARK Expands Film & TV Marketing Content Capabilities

    Award-winning Advertainment Studio BARK BARK Expands Film & TV Marketing Content Capabilities

    Award-winning Advertainment studio BARK BARK, with offices in Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles, is expanding its marketing content support of Film, TV and Streaming productions shooting in Georgia. Central to this expansion is the addition of Betsy Powell, BARK BARK’s new VP of Client Partnerships, Theatrical.

    “I’m thrilled to join such a talented and professional team and excited to bring my experience in theatrical marketing to Atlanta,” notes Powell. “According to FilmLA, Georgia was home to more of the top 100 grossing films of 2016 than any other location. With 320 film and TV productions, generating $9.5 billion in economic impact just this past year, I’m excited to be a part of what happens next in Georgia.“

    Following time in NYC working for the likes of HBO and Lifetime, Powell spent most of her career in Los Angeles, working for creative agencies, broadcast networks, movie trailer and feature film marketing companies on projects for every genre and scope. Among them, Aspect Ratio, New Wave Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox, Buena Vista Pictures Marketing, and Warner Bros in-house theatrical agency. Powell’s experience meets a perfect match in BARK BARK, the first company of its kind in Atlanta, which has been crafting award-winning marketing content on every platform via its trio of offices in the country’s leading entertainment cities. Branded content, movie trailers, TV campaigns, Snapchat, teasers, BTS, VR-360, brand connections, and marketing content of every shape and size comprise BARK BARK’s support for the film, TV and advertising industry worldwide.

    Brian Tolleson, President of the company and a champion of the industry locally and at large, explains. “I’m consistently impressed with Georgia. The State is wisely supporting the entertainment industry, consistently maintaining a small-business friendly economy, and keeping non-discrimination as a core value. Investing more here was kind of a no-brainer.”

  • Oh Susanna Announces The Release Of A Girl In Teen City On Vinyl & Shares Latest Music Video “Thunderbird”

    Acclaimed songwriter Oh Susanna (aka Suzie Ungerleider) is excited to share a new music video for "Thunderbird" from her latest album, A Girl In Teen City, a record that traverses to the most personal place yet: a conjured, vivid past, searching for identity in Vancouver in the 1980s. Additionally, for those who love the sound of a needle on a record, A Girl In Teen City is now available on vinyl, courtesy of Record Centre Music.

    The album track “Thunderbird” was inspired Ungerleider’s friend Dave, who was “the first person I knew who bought his own car,” she says. “He spent around $900 on a black hard top 1968 Thunderbird. He worked as a busboy and it took him months to save enough money to buy it. Turns out this car had a rusty underbelly and was totally unsafe to drive so the car sat abandoned until it was towed away by the city after we all left Vancouver to attend college. Cars are, of course, a metaphor for freedom, youth, adventure and virility. The car also could represent Vancouver itself, beautiful on the outside but rusted out and dangerous on the inside.”

    From cheeky rock pop to quietly beautiful love songs, A Girl In Teen City reflects Oh Susanna’s songwriting breadth. Her brilliant vocals float through the sensuous instrumentation to create a cinematic soundscape. The album finds Ungerleider working with longtime friends and musicians Eli Abrams on bass, Cam Giroux on drums, Gord Tough on guitar, and Jim Bryson on guitar and keyboards. Guest harmony vocalists include Holly McNarland, Gabrielle Giguere, Ungerleider’s sister Jessie and niece Sofia.

    Oh Susanna embarks on a cross-Canada tour including a return to Vancouver, the scene of inspiration, on October 12. For more Information on her upcoming tour, discography and more, visit: http://ohsusanna.com

  • NFL's "The Handoff" Celebrates The Unfading Football Spirit / Cut+Run / Bullitt

    Football doesn’t stop in the summer. Not even close. Edited by Cut+Run’s Joel Miller and directed by Tim K of Bullitt for Translation, “The Handoff” is a fun, upbeat showcase of all things football in the so-called “offseason.”

  • Architectural Firm DEX Studio Announces Grand Opening Of Frame Venice Loft Building

    Architectural Firm DEX Studio Announces Grand Opening Of Frame Venice Loft Building

    Architectural firm DEX Studio is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of Frame’s latest development: the Frame Venice Loft building. Lead by DEX Founder/Architect Glen Bell, the project is the fourth collaboration between DEX and Frame, having completed the Frame Hollywood Loft building earlier this year.

    “We collaborated closely with the client, who allowed us to push the boundaries of their requirements with the goal of designing something more unexpected,” says Bell. “The Frame team was very receptive of the vision and encouraged us to develop the details and materials that we love to use on our smaller projects.”

    The building is located in a quiet west side neighborhood with mixed single and multi-family living, along the Venice Corridor. Occupying a corner lot, the building is generously set back from the street, with natural wood siding woven into the entry gate of the garage and lobby. The 29-unit building is organized in separate volumes to visually reduce the building’s bulk, and introduce a hierarchy to emphasize the vehicular and pedestrian entry.

    The street facing units are configured in a horizontal band that floats over the landscape and sidewalk below. Carved recesses soften the facade with balconies pulled out from wood clad voids, obscuring the regular rhythm of the unit spaces within. Each balcony has a unique depth and view - the West facing balconies are stepped back to shield the afternoon sun, while the North and East offer views to the Santa Monica Mountains. Each unit is uniquely designed with an ample open plan that features high ceilings, custom designed cabinets, and modern kitchen & baths. All have access to a large lounge space that offers westerly views opening the space up to the ocean breeze. With the careful selection of contrasting materials used on the exterior of the building, the internal spaces feel warm and welcoming for all residents and guests of Frame Venice.

    The Frame Venice building is located at 12636 W. Matteson Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90066.

  • Awesome Inc & Agency Wieden+Kennedy Pay Homage To Georgia’s Beloved Steel Fowl In Animated Adventure Short "Big Chicken Small Movie” For KFC

    A new animated short, Big Chicken Small Movie, pays homage to Marietta, Georgia’s beloved 56-foot-tall steel fowl. In the film, a young boy who’s a bit of an outcast finds a friend in the gigantic steel chicken, and they go on an adventure in North Georgia. It’s a tale as old as time, really.

    For KFC franchisee owner and VP of Marketing for KBP Foods Anthony Gianino, the film marks the culmination of an exciting project. The beloved “Big Chicken” KFC restaurant reopened to the public May 11 following a $2.2 million renovation.

    “The Big Chicken has been a local pop culture icon since 1963. There was a board game in the 70s and for years the Marietta History Museum’s most popular souvenirs have been Big Chicken shirts, ornaments and even bird houses. On New Year’s Eve, Marietta doesn’t drop a disco ball, they drop a Big Chicken,” said Gianino. “And, now, there’s Big Chicken Small Moviea sweet celebration of a Georgia town and a giant steel chicken.”

    From the beginning, the intention was to make this film as Atlanta-focused as possible. The creative team from Wieden+Kennedy Portland, KFC’s creative agency, is from the Atlanta-area, and Georgia’s own Awesome Inc was tapped to bring this to life.

    For Awesome Inc, an Atlanta based studio known for both its series and commercial work, Big Chicken Small Movie was the perfect blend of interests and the opportunity to honor the local monument in a charming, design-driven tale of friendship, launching on Sunday, August 6: National Friendship Day.

    Check out Big Chicken Small Movie at www.bigchickensmallmovie.com.

  • Community Films Welcomes Renowned Director Duo Ben/Dave To The Company’s Growing Roster Of Talent

    Community Films Welcomes Renowned Director Duo Ben/Dave To The Company’s Growing Roster Of Talent

    Community Films has welcomed renowned directing duo Ben/Dave to their growing roster of talent. They join an impressive assembly of directorial creatives, which includes: Seth Gordon, Jared Hess, Pam Thomas, Clay Williams, Emil Möller, Marius Crowne, Clay Tweel, Albert Uria, Aleysa Young, and John Wikstrom.

    “Ben and Dave do hilarious work, and we are totally psyched to have them as part of Community,” shares Partner/EP Lizzie Schwartz. “They are incredibly nice people, and the Community dogs liked them - which sealed the deal,” adds Partner/EP Carl Swan. “We cannot wait to make lots of awesome connections with them and help take their work to an even higher level.”

    The directing duo is made up of Ben Hurst and Dave Thomas, who met in Salt Lake City while Thomas was an agency creative director and Hurst was directing commercials. They joined forces on several projects shortly after and consider themselves to be “the world’s teamiest, most directory commercial directing team” – providing strategy, innovation and humor to their work. Ben/Dave have produced work for a diverse array of clients including Pepsi, Bowlmor/AMF, Honda, Samsung, Progressive Insurance, Heinz and GE.

  • Timber Explores The Dynamics Of Trust In Kendrick Lamar’s New Music Video “Loyalty”

    Timber’s creative team has once again contributed to Kendrick Lamar’s visual artistry, this time in his new music video “Loyalty” featuring Rihanna. The cinematic piece, directed by Dave Meyers with visual effects by Timber, stands as a metaphoric exploration of loyalty under diverse and thrilling circumstances, from city rooftop ledges, where Rihanna holds onto Kendrick’s arm for dear life, to surrealistic sharks stealthily ascending from the ground. 

  • BARK BARK Invests In The Future: Three Employees Made Company Partners

    BARK BARK Invests In The Future: Three Employees Made Company Partners

    Award-winning Advertainment studio BARK BARK is excited to announce new partners. Backed by new investment, several key employees at BARK BARK have taken equity positions in the company. Creative Director Daniel Sattelmeyer, Head of Production Tabitha Mason-Elliott, and Studio Executive Ann Daykin Mohammadione, now collectively own a majority stake in BARK BARK. Karen Grant, SVP of Client Partnership, retains her equity position as an officer of the company as well.

    The future is bright for BARK BARK, which, after over 10 years, continues to thrive, having seen impressive growth in the first six months of 2017. The award winning studio is known for its collaborations with Viacom, Scripps Networks, Discovery Communications, A + E Networks, NBCUniversal, 20th Century Fox, Disney, Warner Bros., Pernod Ricard, Orbitz, Hershey’s, Toyota, Subaru, Microsoft, P&G, Geico, and many more. The company announced major partnerships with some of the world’s most successful content creators earlier this year, and will be announcing several more new initiatives in the coming months. 

    In speaking about the industry at large, Tolleson, BARK BARK’s founder & managing partner, remarks, “I’m hoping this inspires more studio owners to invest in the future by sharing ownership with key employees. What’s your real legacy? We have a responsibility to share success, and help move loyal people forward, otherwise we’re just “the boss” in the Dolly Parton song. I think that empowerment is what future-thinking firms look like.”