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  • kaboom signs director malek haneen

    kaboom signs director malek haneen

    kaboom productions is excited to welcome malek haneen to the director roster. The signing is the first representation for the director, who has worked independently for brands like Nike, PlayStation, Under Armor, Pabst Blue Ribbon and PowerAde, with striking results.

    malek haneen’s life has been informed by a combination of art, science, and technology, ultimately resulting in magic on screen.  His contemporary visual style infuses branded narratives with effortless beauty and authentic connections. malek defines his collaborations with agencies and clients as an investigation of theme to convey the message. 

    malek found his true passion in art, first in photography and then in the moving image. After studying film at USC, malek came to directing by way of cinematography. He spent time traveling around the country working on film and television, before moving to Portland where he collaborated with Nike and music artists The Shins, among others, while working on his own scripts. He recently relocated to Los Angeles. 

  • kaboom director erik moe settles “Argument,” with “Mental Games” and “Stability Test” for Skechers Go Golf

    erik moe reunites with Skechers and agency Siltanen & Partners for a new campaign featuring golf greats Matt Kuchar, Russell Knox, Belen Mozo, Brooke Henderson and others, as they demonstrate how the right shoes positively impact life on the green – day or night. erik directs the preeminent athletes in a performance that may not come as naturally as golf: comedy. But with just the right touch, erik and Skechers find that sweet spot – or, spots that go beyond par for the course. 

    Mental Games: https://vimeo.com/205968188

    Stability Test:  https://vimeo.com/213535348

  • kaboom & director michele akins Infuse New Gundersen Campaign With Love

    For the third year in a row, agency Preston Kelly teamed up with kaboom and director Michele Atkins on a campaign for client Gundersen Health System. As with previous years, the new campaign highlights Gundersen’s award-winning care through real stories of love + medicine.

    This year, the campaign extends from stories that happen in hospital to well beyond its walls and took the team to new heights – in one instance, literally via a helicopter. From respecting the individuality of a child’s imagination for happy examinations, to a more creative approach to healthcare that relieves boredom or addresses sadness during treatments, to how first responders effectively aid those in remote areas during times of crisis – all are anchored in going the extra mile, philosophically or actually, to infuse care with compassion.

  • director patrick finnegan joins award-winning production company kaboom

    kaboom productions proudly welcomes director patrick finnegan to the company. At kaboom, patrick joins a diverse collection of multi-talented directors with national and international reach.

    A former actor in nearly 50 national commercials, he has a deep appreciation and understanding of both casting and how to direct talent. He connects easily and authentically, eliciting the best from those in front of the camera and behind the scenes. patrick has also worked extensively as a DGA 1st A.D., comfortably leading, problem solving and supporting a fluid process. His considerable technical skills and craftsmanship make patrick a diverse partner in the exploration of brand voice and effective storytelling.

    patrick is impassioned to tell stories communicated through visually rich imagery and a framing that skews the world slightly to reveal hidden truths and emotion.  His directing career was launched with an unprecedented opportunity to work on an expansive, long-term, content campaign for the United States Navy. In partnership with the Navy’s Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership, patrick developed an ethical branding concept, and then traveled the country to document quietly powerful stories of honor, valor and exceptional strength.

  • Real Foodies Compost- kaboom Helps School of Thought Encourage Table To Bin

    Agency School of Thought tapped creative collaborator kaboom productions to create a PSA that would motivate viewers to compost as a natural extension of a foodie passion. Part of a multi-platform campaign for The San Francisco Department of the Environment, the PSA is a stop-motion, original music video with a catchy song and a catchier goal: to get people who love food, to love composting.

    With lyrics “It’s not enough to love the way food tastes. You gotta love a littlemore, and make no waste...” the video appeals to audiences with a playful charm and the goal of presenting composting as an intrinsic part of any food movement. With the overarching goal at hand, School of Thought worked closely with kaboom to define the unique visual style and music video approach. kaboom then sourced Adam Karsten from its creative network to direct, along with the design team and Music Orange to score the piece, which can be viewed at http://www.realfoodiescompost.com and https://vimeo.com/178927242

    For kaboom, the project exemplifies the company’s ethos and approach: “At kaboom, we see ourselves as more than just a network of directors – we are a group of people who love to solve problems for our clients,” says kaboom founder/EP lauren schwartz. “We were approached by Tom Geary at School of Thought with three possible creative approaches and we developed great solutions and talent for each. From this early collaboration to the ultimate execution, the project was a product of everyone coming together, and being a resource with a passion and purpose that supports our community.”

  • director alden wallace joins kaboom productions

    director alden wallace joins kaboom productions

    kaboom productions is excited to welcome director alden wallace to the company’s multi-talented, national and international roster. alden is a visual storyteller who infuses projects with a natural beauty and a buoyant effortlessness that speaks authentically to audiences.

    alden began his career as a still photographer, shooting campaigns and magazine editorial for a long list of clients, including Tory Burch, Miller Genuine Draft, Nike, Google, Universal Studios, and Post Cereal, among others. An innate curiosity and passion for delving deeper into the brand narrative led alden to expand into directing. The trust he built with clients and brands allowed him to do so, and resulted in multiple shoots for Mercedes, Oakley and Motorola.

    “alden is a natural talent whose contemporary style communicates beauty without artifice,” comments kaboom EP/Owner lauren schwartz. “He has a photographer’s eye and an advertiser’s strategic thinking – and is easily able to visualize captivating narratives with perfect casting for all kinds of brand-driven content. In addition to his talent, alden is genuine and enthusiastic, which is as important to us as the work.”

  • “Chevi” Does Heavy Lifting At Clio Spots: Spot Honors Bank of America’s Special Olympics Partnership

    Each day, Special Olympics athletes put down limits and pick up hope. kaboom and director doug werby are proud to have helped agency Hill Holiday bring Chevi Peters story to life for Bank of America and Special Olympics. The spot, part of a larger campaign that honors world-class athletes and the event, was recently awarded two Clio Sports medals. For more than 30 years, Bank of America has partnered with Special Olympics and has been committed to achieving the goal of a more diverse and inclusive society.

    According to director doug werby, “It was an honor to direct the B of A Special Olympics campaign – it was a feel-good experience throughout, including this recognition by the Clios. As with any documentary project you cannot predict the outcome and we followed many athletes during the games. Chevi’s crowning achievement was a magical moment on so many levels. Kudos to the agency and post team on uniting our footage in an exquisite edit with impeccable writing and voice over recording that made the piece come together with honest emotion and impact.”

  • kaboom’s michele atkins, agency Preston Kelly & Gundersen Health Reconnect For Love + Medicine

    Following last year’s successful Gundersen Health System campaign, agency Preston Kelly reunited with kaboom and director michele atkins to delve into what makes the provider so special: love + medicine. Inspired by actual experiences at Gundersen, the spots reveal small but mighty moments that are pivotal in effective, quality care. View them here.

     "Michele brings a vision for the spots that keeps these real stories feeling real,” says Preston Kelly EVP/Creative Director, Chris Preston. “She walks the line between telling an elegant story and finding authentic emotion. She understands what our agency team and our client is looking for and delivers it without selling out on her vision."

    Three stories for three generations were filmed on location at Gundersen for an added layer of authenticity. Subtle details, like moving from a view through the door of a hospital room to a close-up of a worrying patient, or a back seat vantage point of what seems to be a lone elderly women on a winter’s day, or the overhead shot of a boy refusing to have his bandage changed, help bring viewers into the experience. These unique perspectives take people from voyeur to participant in a lead up to the resonant moment that connects health with care.


    In celebration of International Women’s Day, Brawny® paper towels brand is highlighting inspiring stories of four women from traditionally male-dominated professions who have overcome adversity and are empowering others through their accomplishments. Produced by kaboom and directed by ricki+annie, the #StrengthHasNoGender campaign, via agency Cutwater, features real women who are challenging gender stereotypes.

    The #StrengthHasNoGender videos were produced by woman-owned kaboom productions and directed by the Emmy-nominated duo of Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg (ricki+annie), with over two dozen women in key production roles bringing these docu-stories to life.

    Visit kaboom: www.kaboomproductions.com