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  • TwoPoint0 Editor/Partner Anthony Marinelli Continues To Make His Mark On New York With Twofold Festival Selections For Short Film & Play

    For years, TwoPoint0 Editor/Co-Founder Anthony Marinelli has cultivated a distinguished portfolio of passion projects that have screened in film festivals worldwide. Marinelli’s latest short film, “Marital Arts,” continues its impressive festival run as an Official Selection at the Chelsea Film Festival in New York, while his new one act play, “Max & Domino,” also receives Official Selection status at the prestigious New York New Works Festival, both in the month of October.

    With “Marital Arts,” Marinelli wanted to make a film that celebrates the two things he knows most about: marriage (being married for 28 years) and classic cinema. The film was previously a finalist in the Katra Film Series and screened in the NYC Independent Film Festival, the Richmond International Film Festival and the Cannes Short Film Corner. It has also been preselected for the 2nd Annual Toronto International Independent Film Festival. Marinelli’s two previous short films won awards at Richmond: “Walt Whitman Never Paid For It” won the Audience Choice Award in 2014 and “Acoustic Space” won Best Original Screenplay in 2016.

    Marinelli’s new play “Max & Domino” is an existential black comedy about a pair of professional killers who create a living hell for the man who betrayed them. But it’s also about how we all adopt different personas depending on our objective of the moment. Two years ago, another of his one-acts, “Another Famous Dead Artist,” was a semi-finalist at the same New York New Works Festival, and last month, his screenplay, “Books, Beds and Baths,” was a finalist in the HollyShorts Film Festival’s Short Screenplay Competition, exemplifying further his strengths as a writer. Moreover, Marinelli has been hard at work this past year editing a documentary for Director David Seth Cohen about his quest to have a drink with Adam Sandler after passing up the opportunity years earlier. The documentary, “Finding Sandler,” is a project he is very excited about and hopes to complete in early 2018.

  • TwoPoint0 Editor/Co-Founder Anthony Marinelli’s “Marital Arts” at 2017 Cannes Film Festival

    Two years ago, TwoPoint0 Editor/Co-Founder, Anthony Marinelli made the trip to the Cannes Short Film Corner with his award-winning film, “Acoustic Space” (“Best Original Screenplay,” Richmond International Film Festival). This year, Marinelli, who writes, directs and edits most of his films, was accepted into the 2017 Cannes Film Festival for “Marital Arts,” a short film about the art of marriage (and cinema).

    Leading actors, Joseph Cassese and Amanda Greer made the trip to Cannes this time to represent the film, which has already screened in three other festivals, including a sold-out screening at the NYC Independent Film Festival.

    “I wanted to make a film that celebrates the two things I know most about: marriage (being married for almost 28 years) and classic cinema,” says Marinelli. “It’s extremely gratifying to create something personally enriching and see people enjoy it so much. It inspires me to keep doing more. It isn’t easy when you’re editing and running a company (alongside Wendy Rosen, my Executive Producer and business partner), but the pull to do this work is so strong, and my family is incredibly supportive. They know it’s something I have to do and, the bottom line is, ultimately, it makes me a better Editor.”

    To view the official “Martial Arts” trailer, go here: https://vimeo.com/177943425

  • Chicago-Based Editor Nate Pence Joins TwoPoint0 As Company Expands Unique Model to the Midwest

    Chicago-Based Editor Nate Pence Joins TwoPoint0 As Company Expands Unique Model to the Midwest

    Editor Nate Pence, based in Chicago, has joined TwoPoint0. Co-Founders Wendy Rosen and Anthony Marinelli welcomed Pence to the company’s eclectic roster of talent, and expand TwoPointO’s unique model to the Midwest.

    “Anthony and I are excited to expand TwoPoint0’s roster to Chicago!” says TwoPoint0 Co-Founder/Executive Producer/Editor Wendy Rosen. “We feel Nate is the perfect Editor to launch this venture. Nate's reel speaks for his talent and skill. Whether it’s storytelling or design-based work, his editorial sensibility shines through. Anthony and I are huge fans of Nate’s, and we look very forward to welcoming him into the TwoPoint0 family.”

    Nate Pence began his career at Whitehouse Post in Los Angeles and along the way has made stops at Beast, Digital Kitchen and Conspiracy. Especially drawn to design-based and docu-style projects, he’s worked internationally, on both coasts and on sets, in hotel rooms and motor homes and all points in between. With over a decade in postproduction he's been a part of many distinguished campaigns including those from The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Intel, the Chicago Cubs and the first global efforts for Sailor Jerry Rum.

    “Joining forces with TwoPoint0 is really exciting,” concludes Pence. “As the editorial business evolves, it's crucial to be able to adapt and have more flexibility. The post model that Wendy and Anthony are pioneering makes so much sense and I'm fired up we're on each others' team." Pence is currently editing a Groupon campaign via O’Keefe, Reinhard & Paul.

  • TwoPoint0 Welcomes Editors David Cornman & Debbie McMurtrey

    TwoPoint0 Welcomes Editors David Cornman & Debbie McMurtrey

    TwoPoint0 Co-Founders Wendy Rosen and Anthony Marinelli welcomed well-known Editors David Cornman and Debbie McMurtrey to the company’s eclectic roster of talent.

     Editor David Cornman is an award-winning commercial Editor with experience in all styles and genres of storytelling. He has edited comedy, effects-driven, dramatic, and documentary-style commercials for clients such as AIG, GE, Accenture, Bank of America, Staples, Verizon and Computer Associates. David has won numerous awards from the AICE, AICP, Clio, and Addys, as well as being nominated for an Emmy in the Best Commercial category. The soundscape of the piece is just as important to David as the visual aspect. He feels the two elements should support each other to complete the story. 

     Editor Debbie McMurtrey launched her career at Crew Cuts in 1999, rising quickly through the ranks to Editor. In 2007, she was hired as the first Editor at Nomad's East Coast office. From there, her career continued to rocket forward as she worked at Cutting Room, Red Car and Alkemy X. In addition to commercials and branded web content, she has also enjoyed cutting short films, which have screened in over 30 festivals in the US and abroad, a sitcom pilot for VH1, and parody commercials for “Saturday Night Live.” She recently collaborated with Director/Producer Greg Kohs on his feature award-winning documentary, “The Great Alone.” McMurtrey considers her specialty to be docu-style. She excels at taking raw footage and finding the narrative in order to shape the story. She also enjoys editing dialogue and comedy.

    To view Editor David Cornman & Editor Debbie McMurtrey’s reels: www.twopoint0.tv

  • TwoPoint0 Continues to Tickle Funny Bones With New Work for Bernie & Phyl’s Furniture and DeVito/Verdi

    TwoPoint0’s Anthony Marinelli has edited yet another round of spots for Bernie & Phyl’s Furniture, collaborating closely with ad agency creatives from DeVito/Verdi. Marinelli has enjoyed a long-term collaboration with the creative team behind these humorous spots. 

    In 2015, DeVito/Verdi Creative Directors, Rob Slosberg and Matt Songer, approached TwoPoint0 Editor, Anthony Marinelli, with a unique commercial project.  It was for Bernie & Phyl’s Furniture, based in Boston MA, and involved using archival footage from old movies, training films, and documentaries culled from Getty Images, and giving it the “What’s Up Tiger Lily” treatment.  For those unfamiliar with that very early Woody Allen film from 1966, it involved using a Japanese spy movie and replacing the soundtrack with a completely unrelated story, voices and music for ultimate comic effect. That is precisely what they have achieved with the Bernie & Phyl’s campaign that is now into its second year, and has been credited with both increasing store sales and creating a healthy amount of controversy among some of its customers.

    To view Editor/Partner Anthony Marinelli’s reel at TwoPoint0, go to:


  • TwoPoint0 Welcomes Editor Terence Ziegler to the Unique New, Editorial Company

    TwoPoint0 welcomes the talents of Editor Terence Ziegler to the unique editorial company which features an innovative, new business model. According to Partner/Executive Producer/Editor Wendy Rosen, Terence Ziegler represents a versatile talent. “Terence is the real thing, who in addition to his editorial skills, has talent in graphics and visual design. He has a dynamic reel, which is what we love to see.  When Terence heard TwoPoint0 was changing the way post has traditionally been approached, he jumped on board.  TwoPoint0 is exactly what he was looking for in terms of support for his work and career.”

    As founding partners in TwoPoint0, for Rosen & Marinelli, their goal and mission is to create more opportunities for freelance Editors while offering greater flexibility to clients by customizing each project to their needs, from conception to completion, with an eye towards comfort and convenience in the process.  Ready to meet the challenges of a constantly evolving industry, putting the work first, providing all the technical expertise, creativity and passion every project demands. “Envision a new working model and a company, a collective, that is flexible, nimble and ready to meet the challenges of today’s advertising, production and post-production market,” adds Marinelli.

    “I am thrilled to join TwoPoint0, having known Wendy Rosen for a very long time and always respected her as an Editor and as an EP,” says Ziegler. “I saw the changes in the editorial business coming several years ago, and decided to go freelance. I also worked in-house at several agencies. But TwoPoint0’s new model provides the flexibility to clients that they want within the budgets they are looking for, but also provides the support of a seasoned EP with Wendy.”

    (Terence Ziegler)