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  • Timber Unravels A World Of Fantasy In Kelly Clarkson's New Music Video "Love So Soft"

    Timber's renowned team of creatives have once again transcended the visual experience with their VFX & design wizardry, this time for Kelly Clarkson's fantastical new music video, "Love So Soft." The stylistic piece captivates viewers throughout with a whimsical exposition of Kelly Clarkson in various settings, synchronized with the soulful, jazzy notion of the song.

  • Timber Wins "Best Visual Effects” Award at the MTV VMAs For Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble"

    Timber Wins "Best Visual Effects” Award at the MTV VMAs For Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble"

    Timber’s creative team celebrates their first MTV Video Music Awards win for “Best Visual Effects" for Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble." Timber’s VFX contributions elevated the surrealistic nature of the music video, holding a powerful artistic presence throughout.

    Watch “Humble” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvTRZJ-4EyI

  • Timber Explores The Dynamics Of Trust In Kendrick Lamar’s New Music Video “Loyalty”

    Timber’s creative team has once again contributed to Kendrick Lamar’s visual artistry, this time in his new music video “Loyalty” featuring Rihanna. The cinematic piece, directed by Dave Meyers with visual effects by Timber, stands as a metaphoric exploration of loyalty under diverse and thrilling circumstances, from city rooftop ledges, where Rihanna holds onto Kendrick’s arm for dear life, to surrealistic sharks stealthily ascending from the ground. 

  • Arcade & Timber Champion Surrealism In Kendrick Lamar’s New Music Video “Humble”

    Arcade Editor Greg Scruton and Timber’s team of visual effects artists have joined forces in the masterful execution of postproduction elements for Kendrick Lamar’s highly-anticipated music video, “Humble.” Scruton’s editing genius and Timber’s VFX magic come together in exquisite alignment to celebrate the surrealistic layers within “Humble.”

    The carefully measured edit by Arcade’s Greg Scruton paves a rhythmic flow that reflects the nuances of the song, propelling the audience to a unique space of visual inspiration. Timber’s team was equally masterful through the numerous tiers of VFX work that hold a powerful artistic presence throughout the music video.

  • Timber Welcomes Art Director Jon Lorenz & Digital Effects Supervisor Jeff Willette To Its Expanding

    Timber Welcomes Art Director Jon Lorenz & Digital Effects Supervisor Jeff Willette To Its Expanding

    Timber Creative Directors/Co-Founders Jonah Hall and Kevin Lau have welcomed Art Director Jon Lorenz and Digital Effects Supervisor Jeff Willette to the company’s expanding team.

    Art Director Jon Lorenz has worked with such well-known companies as Buck, Royal, Modus Operandi, Big Block, Troika, Mocean, and Oishii Creative, to name just a few. He has been on staff at Shilo as a Designer/Compositor and as Art Director at King and Country (including a leadership role in the Motel 6 “Metamorphosis” campaign). Jon has also collaborated directly with clients on projects for H2/History Channel for “Rise Against the Machines/Hangar 1” and Vivint; and on projects for Lime TV via agency Just Knight and with T3 via agency Dark Horse.

    Digital Effects Supervisor Jeff Willette joins Timber also having experience at some of the industry’s most luminary studios including Mirada, Method, Asylum, Sony Pictures Imageworks and a52, having started his career at Traveling Pictures Animation in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Notable projects for Willette include: “Fallout 4” opening cinematic for Mirada, the Jameson “Fire” commercial for Method Studios, “Terminator Salvation” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons” feature films, both for Asylum. Jeff’s work has garnered a series of awards and award nominations including VES, HPA, Addy and Clio awards. He collaborated on HBO’s “Carnivale,” which garnered an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Main Title Design.”

    “Jon and Jeff are both heavy hitting additions to the team at Timber,” concludes Creative Director Jonah Hall.

  • Arcade, Cut+Run, Eleven & Timber Contribute Their Talents To Multiple Super Bowl 2017 Commercials

    Arcade, Cut+Run, Eleven & Timber Contribute Their Talents To Multiple Super Bowl 2017 Commercials

    The Super Bowl 2017 campaign climate was filled with celebration as Arcade, Cut+Run, Eleven and Timber revel in their wide-spread contributions. The four studios enjoyed one of their greatest years to date with numerous spots each, attracting a plethora of buzz from various media outlets and online platforms. The companies anticipate more traction and reaction in the near future as the spots take a life of their own online, with plans for continued growth and overall presence in the years ahead.

    The team of editors at Arcade contributed their talents to 10 Super Bowl 2017 commercial campaigns this year, including Aflac, Buick, Busch, H&R Block, Snickers, Synovus, Tide and T-Mobile. Cut+Run’s editors contributed to 2 pre-game spots for Heinz & Taco Bell and 1 game spot for It’s a 10, while the team of mixers and sound designers at Eleven contributed to a total of 7 spots for API, Buick, H&R Block, SoCal Honda, T-Mobile and Wix. Timber’s team contributed their VFX/postproduction talents to 8 spots including commercials for Buick, H&R Block, Snickers, Synovus, and multiple spots for T-Mobile.

  • Timber Puts Poetry In Motion For Motionpoems & “A Sonnet After Chopin’s Requiem”

    The creative team at Timber, led by Creative Directors Jonah Hall and Kevin Lau, were called on by Motionpoems (www.motionpoems.org) to create compelling visuals for an original poem by Poet Monique Adelle. Featuring voice-over by Ashley Becerra, the piece merges alluring colors of gold, white, silver and black to create unique and mesmerizing shapes moving in synchronized motion.

    Monique Adelle’s poem “A Sonnet After Chopin’s Requiem” is part of Motionpoems’ powerful seventh season of films, produced in partnership with Cave Canem (www.cavecanem.org) exploring the theme of “How Do You Raise a Black Child?” The series made its debut at the prestigious Walker Art Center in Minneapolis in Fall 2016; and just had its Los Angeles screening at the Playa Studios this month in January 2017.

  • Timber Reaches New Heights With T-Mobile’s Latest Spot “Momentum”

    Timber Creative Directors/Partners Jonah Hall and Kevin Lau led their amazing team of design, animation and VFX artists for T-Mobile’s latest spot “Momentum.” Directed by Tool of North America’s Marc Forster, the black, white and (T-Mobile’s trademarked) magenta visuals take you from skylines to coastlines, from the country to the city. The spot broke during the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics 2016 in Rio on Friday.

  • Timber Adds a Splash of VFX Magic to Olivia Holt’s New Music Video “Phoenix”

    Up-and-coming music artist Olivia Holt is making a splash debut with her latest music video “Phoenix.” The new, visual piece was directed by Partizan’s Grady Hall, with editorial, design, animation and visual effects from Timber. Led by Creative Directors Jonah Hall and Kevin Lau, Timber’s team of artists collaborated closely to create the colorful, unique style.

     View Timber’s “Phoenix” version.

  • Super Bowl 50 Gold Shines On Timber; Up-Start Studio Provides VFX/Post For 3 Super Bowl Spots

    Design & digital production studio Timber, headed by Creative Directors/Partners Jonah Hall & Kevin Lau and brand-new EP Sabrina Elizondo, has provided VFX and post for three Super Bowl 50 commercial spots for Hyundai, Buick and T-Mobile. Right on the heels of CBS’ incredibly successful promo campaign “Witness Greatness,” encouraging viewers to tune-in for “The Grammy’s” and the “Super Bowl” in February, via TBWA/Chiat/Day; the Timber team has seen the Super Bowl 50 gold shine on them three times.

    To view Timber’s Super Bowl 50 spots, go here:

    “The Super Bowl always been the biggest display of marketing creativity,” says Timber Creative Director/Partner Jonah Hall. “Now it’s even bigger because of the fact that it’s a live event in an era where people skip commercials instinctively.” “People will watch these spots and talk about them,” adds Timber Creative Director/Partner Kevin Lau. “It’s great to have had such a big presence this year."

    Visit Timber: www.timber.net

  • Timber Welcomes Executive Producer Sabrina Elizondo To The Expanding Studio

    Design & digital production studio Timber, headed by Creative Directors/Partners Jonah Hall & Kevin Lau, has welcomed new Executive Producer Sabrina Elizondo to the expanding studio. Bringing a stellar tenure of experience to her new role as EP, Sabrina has jumped right into the myriad of projects Timber is in the midst of producing including three Super Bowl spots. Timber’s new work also includes the launch of the recent CBS promo “Witness Greatness,” encouraging viewers to tune-in for “The Grammy’s” and the “Super Bowl in February, via TBWA/Chiat/Day. (www.timber.net)

    “Sabrina brings experience, energy and style to our company, which is growing bigger and doing more every day,” says Timber Creative Director/Partner Jonah Hall. “With such a solid foundation in production, design and visual effects; Sabrina could have gone anywhere, but she came here. She’s the perfect fit for Timber and we’re thrilled to have her as part of our team,” adds Timber Creative Director/Partner Kevin Lau.

    Sabrina joins Timber from a solid 10-year career at literally the top studios in the industry today, including stints at: The Mill, Method, Arsenal FX, Brand New School, Woodshop and Stardust. A graduate of Loyola Marymount, Sabrina entered the advertising/marketing industry directly, and has honed her producing skills at literally the best studios in the production and postproduction industry. In addition to her postproduction work, Sabrina has served every four years as a Senior Broadcast Liaison for HBS, instrumental in producing the World Cup. This unique experience has taken her traveling around the world to Brazil, South Africa, Germany and Korea.

    Visit: www.timber.net

  • Timber Encourages Viewers To "Witness Greatness" In New CBS Promo For The Super Bowl & The Grammys

    Design & digital production studio Timber has just completed a brand-new promo campaign for CBS with the creative team at ad agency TBWA/Chiat/Day. Encouraging viewers to “Witness Greatness” in February with the Super Bowl and Grammy Awards, the two-spot campaign broke over the holidays and early in the New Year.


    Visit Timber: www.timber.net