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  • Nice Shoes Creative Studio Animates Friendship With A Twist With Twizzlers

    To celebrate how “every friendship has a twist,” Twizzlers and Anomaly selected 16 artists to design a fun series of limited edition packaging, illustrating the various ways in which people enjoy Twizzlers together. Nice Shoes Creative Studio, led by Creative Director Matt Greenwood, came on board to introduce and explore the worlds of these packages with a vibrant animated 15-second spot with bold pop stylings.

    Three of the limited edition packages are featured in the fast-paced spot, bringing to life the scenarios of car DJing, “ugly crying” at the movies, and studying in the library, before ending on a massive shot that incorporates all of the packaging. Each pack has its own style, characters, and color scheme, unique to the original artists, and Nice Shoes was careful to work to preserve this as they crafted the spot.

    “We were really inspired by the illustrations. We stayed close to the original style and brought them into a 3d space,” explained Greenwood. “There’s only a few seconds to register each package, so the challenge was to bring all the different styles and colors together within this time span. Select characters and objects carry over from one scene into the next, acting as transitional elements. The Twizzlers logo stays on-screen throughout, acting as a constant amongst the choreographed craziness.”

    “The team at Nice Shoes was incredible to work with. We were blown away from the first meeting,” said Anomaly Copywriter Roni Gellert. “They felt like real partners with us on the project and brought our ideas to life brilliantly and effortlessly,” added Anomaly Art Director Iva Prkacin.

  • Nice Shoes Creative Studio and Taxi Infuse V8 +Energy® With Photoreal Fruit

    Taxi engaged Nice Shoes Creative Studio to animate a series of spots and social media content to showcase the delicious, juicy ingredients that all come together in V8 +Energy®, as well as to visualize the enjoyment of the energy drink expressed by their followers and consumers. The team utilized a blend of creative and technical techniques to execute the campaign, delivering :30 spots with photoreal CG fruit and a campaign of looping 2D-animated GIFs. 

    The team, led by Nice Shoes Creative Director Harry Dorrington initially explored a stop motion approach, but decided it would be best to realize the sequence with photoreal CG fruit to ensure the droplets and splashes of juice were enticing and appealing. CG Director Andy Zazzera and Senior Producer Russ Dube worked together to capture reference of the fruit, shooting it on a turntable so they would get 360 degree skins of the fruit to work off of.

    “Photogrammetry is a very accessible means of 3D scanning and its provides you with a really good base to build upon. It let us obtain good reference for the textures and lighting as we were constructing the fruit,” explained Zazzera. “We approached the lighting as if we were shooting live action food, drawing inspiration from a lot of the beautiful food footage our color team grades. Understanding the aesthetics of lighting for live action and cinematography go a long way in creating a believable photoreal product. We then utilized Houdini to put the finishing touches of some water simulations to make the fruit even more tempting.”

     The launch campaign was followed up with a series of social videos and GIFs that visualized customers’ tweets about V8 +Energy®, realized in a 2D animated style by Dorrington and Art Director/Designer Yandong Qiu, who worked with animation teams in NYC and Toronto. The animation, reminiscent of layered paper cutouts, also incorporated the photoreal fruit and product elements. Qiu and his team designed the initial character sketches in Illustrator before bringing them into After Effects to begin rigging and animating.


  • Nice Shoes and The Toronto Raptors Show The NBA That “We The North” With Epic Playoff Animations

    Nice Shoes Creative Studio was brought on to partner with the Toronto Raptors in crafting in-arena animation for the team’s 2017 playoff run, designed to electrify the crowd and energize the team. Led by Design Director Stefan Woronko, Nice Shoes animated close to 40 pieces and elements centered around the team’s rallying cry of “We The North,” which celebrates the Raptors’ identity as the NBA’s sole Canadian team.

    Woronko started with the colors, elements and type that the Raptors had established as their visual identity, and worked to fill the frame with motion. The supplied plaid pattern was also explored, with the frame transitioning quickly through elements via a diamond on a 45-degree angle. Animations were created for every location in the arena with a screen, with designs adjusted to work within the different aspect ratios, all while maintaining a fast-paced frenzy.

    The animations had to function with the live aspect of the game, as they would be played back and cut into key replay moments by the team’s onsite editors. From an audio perspective, Nice Shoes delivered pieces that were silent, but that had been designed with the rhythm of a high-stakes game in mind.

    “We used temp audio, knowing that everything would have to work with any sports anthem or chants. You can’t work in a vacuum though, so I would go on Youtube and cut to fan chants,” added Woronko. “The chants are broken up into syllables, and we would time the elements to anticipate the cadence of the crowd. For example, ‘Let’s Go Raptors’ - the type, the ball, all the background elements - they all move in time with how the crowd would cheer.” 

  • Nice Shoes Brings Color To Boston With Phil Choe

    Nice Shoes Brings Color To Boston With Phil Choe

    NYC-based Nice Shoes is pleased to announce the opening of a Boston-based color suite with the talents of colorist Phil Choe. The launch continues a three-year long campaign of expansion for the 21-year old company, with successful launches in Chicago, Minneapolis, and most recently, Toronto. Choe’s color suite will be located at leading Boston editorial studio, Editbar, where Nice Shoes has had a successful remote partnership for the past year. Editbar recently expanded with a buildout of the third floor of their location, launching production company Sweet Rickey and constructing new studios for Choe as well as Sound Lounge Everywhere, making 33 Union Street a one-stop shop for any and all production needs.

    Choe has brought his expert eye to a variety of commercial campaigns, music videos, branded content, and films during his career at Nice Shoes. Some of his recent projects include collaborations with TIME and VICE on a number of web documentaries, feature films Thank You For Your Service, Bad Rap, and Born Guilty, and campaigns for Johnsonville, Covergirl, Target, and Champion, as well as documentary Run Mama Run, which will be making it’s theatrical world premiere at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival. 

    Choe’s studio has been built to the same standards as other Nice Shoes locations, including FilmLight’s Baselight, with everything installed, calibrated, and supported by the studio’s expert engineering team in New York. He’ll be available for collaborations with remote clients via the Boston studio, and clients will also continue to be able to book all of Nice Shoes artists from New York, Chicago, Minneapolis and Toronto out of Boston as well.

  • Nice Shoes Signs Lead Beauty Artist Aurélien Teurlai

    Nice Shoes Signs Lead Beauty Artist Aurélien Teurlai

    Production and post studio Nice Shoes has signed lead beauty artist Aurélien Teurlai, for exclusive representation in North America. Teurlai, based out of Paris, France, has collaborated with Europe’s top directors including Bruno Aveillan, Mert and Marcus, as well as Jean-Baptiste Mondino on a series of spots for Dior starring Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron, and Natalie Portman. His skills also extend to visual effects and compositing, contributing to stunning pieces for luxury brands such as Peugeot, Cartier, BMW, and Lexus. He has spent most of his career freelancing, and recently joined the Visual Effects Society.

    “Aurélien brings a truly skilled eye for beauty, and experience working with some of the top talents in this genre. That artistry is complemented with a real kindness and lack of ego,” added Nice Shoes Executive Producer Tara Holmes. “He’s a great fit for Nice Shoes and we’re proud to represent him in North America. I’m really excited to be uniting him with our team, bolstering our stellar roster of beauty artists and colorists, and presenting this amazing lineup to the industry.” 


  • Nice Shoes Creative Studio And No Fixed Address Help Canadian Centre For Child Protection Spin A Web For Project Arachnid

    In early 2017, The Canadian Centre for Child Protection launched Project Arachnid, a groundbreaking tool that detects and helps remove images of child sexual abuse on the Internet. The centre, which operates in partnership with police forces across Canada, recently posed questions to a group of adults who had been sexually exploited as children and whose abuse had been recorded on camera. Almost three-quarters of respondents said they were worried about being recognized years later, because the images continue to spread online. To bring to life how Project Arachnid helps victims break the endless cycle of abuse, the organization enlisted agency No Fixed Address and Nice Shoes Creative Studio to craft a brief, but powerful animated short film.

    “It was very important to us to find a way to reflect the gravity of the matter, but not make people look away. We didn’t want the problem to seem insurmountable,” said Shawn James, Creative Director at No Fixed Address, “Nice shoes did a great job of finding that balance.”

    Nice Shoes Creative Directors Gary Thomas and Matt Greenwood, along with Design Director Stefan Woronko developed style frames taking the piece into an illustrative, textured direction inspired by Manga, graphic novels, and the work of Frank Miller and Edward Gorey. As the teams explored the concept, they quickly found they were on the same page, and worked closely to animate the dramatic and powerful story. “We felt the narrative should drive the visuals and presented a solution where only simple animation was needed to emphasize the story,” said Thomas.

  • Creative Editor Dana Bol Joins Nice Shoes To Tell The Story Of The NFL’s Cleats With A Cause

    During week 13 of the 2016 season, NFL players took the field with support for causes and charities proudly displayed on their cleats. To raise awareness for the campaign, entitled “My Cause, My Cleats,” the NFL aired two television spots as well as content on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat featuring the New York Jets’ Brandon Marshall.  Throughout the spots, Marshall’s passion for Project 375, a foundation dedicated to de-stigmatizing mental illness, is shared as he collaborates with children from the foundation and a designer to create the perfect pair of cleats. The NFL engaged Nice Shoes to help tell Marshall’s story, with a post production team led by newly signed creative editor Dana Bol, colorist Gene Curley, and finishing artist Jason Farber.

     Starting with an exploration of hours of footage from the project’s three-camera shoot, Bol worked to craft the moments that helped personalize the campaign, bringing together the narrative of the Jets receiver and his mission to help those in need, while tying it to the NFL’s larger message. Colorist Gene Curley worked in support of the documentary-style, ultimately conceiving a natural look after experimenting with some different styles. Special attention was played to the green Project 375 logo on shirts and the custom cleats, which was pushed farther in the grade, to accentuate the color of Marshall’s cause.

    View “My Cause, My Cleats” here: https://vimeo.com/194858456

  • Nice Shoes Creative Studio Transports Viewers To A Meditative and Magical VR Garden

    Nice Shoes Creative Studio has entered the exciting world of Virtual Reality, with an immersive and interactive meditative experience “Mio Garden." The piece explores the new storytelling form from a different point of view, aiming to craft a unique experience that would leave a viewer feeling calm and refreshed. After putting on an HTC Vive headset, users are presented with a virtual can of Sapporo, which transports them to another world. Each user begins the experience in the same manner as they start in a dojo, but once they step outside, they have the choice of going to the left or to the right, encountering unique mini games inspired by Japanese culture, with both paths culminating in a drum game to garner favor from a gigantic samurai statue. 

    Harry Dorrington served as conceptor and Executive Creative Director for the project, which was led by Nice Shoes newcomer Creative Director Tom Westerlin and Director of VR Technology Brennan McTernan, both of whom have extensive backgrounds in gaming, experiential installations, virtual reality and augmented reality. Together with Executive Producer Angela Bowen, they evaluated the field of existing VR content and technology to see where Nice Shoes could stand apart in an increasingly populated medium, while providing brands and agencies with a working example of how VR could organically integrate a brand. As the project was in development, the studio shared Mio Garden with collaborators who were interested in learning more about VR. Drawn in by the calming nature of the experience and the garden’s Japanese influences, Sapporo engaged as a sponsor for the project. The beautiful, real-time 3D visuals created by Nice Shoes were complemented by an immersive 360 soundscape created by Sound Lounge and Groove Guild that further draws each user through the garden. 

    Go behind the scenes of the making of at: https://vimeo.com/191887012

  • Nice Shoes Expands Internationally With New Toronto Studio

    Celebrating twenty years as a leader in post production, Nice Shoes is proud to announce the launch of a full service studio in Toronto opening today with the talents of creative directors Gary Thomas and Matt Greenwood, design director Stefan Woronko, senior colorist Roslyn Di Sisto, and executive producer Kristen Van Fleet. The team, joined by their colleagues from New York, will celebrate the studio’s expansion into Canada following the ADCC Awards on November 17th, with an afterparty held at the Bata Shoe Museum. They have also created a 360 video that brings NYC & Toronto closer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxbePkAB_eM (best viewed using Chrome or Youtube app) and another that captures the energy of the new studio: https://vimeo.com/189790951/fe0ce94bc2

    The newly launched location will offer directors and clients in the U.S. planning shoots in Canada a convenient and competitive production partner. Nice Shoes Toronto will be integrated with the studio’s Remote Color Grading network, creating opportunities for Di Sisto to work with clients throughout North America, and for clients in Toronto to connect with the company’s full roster of colorists located in New York, Chicago, and Minneapolis. Di Sisto will be working in the same high end color grading environment as all the studio’s colorists, equipped with Film Light’s Baselight and with monitors calibrated by Nice Shoes’ expert team of engineers.

  • Director Martin Bell Revisits ‘TINY’ with Nice Shoes Colorist Chris Ryan

    The story of “Tiny” Erin Blackwell spans over thirty years, with much of it having been documented by filmmakers Martin Bell and the late Mary Ellen Mark, first in their 1984 documentary, Streetwise, then in a 2004 follow-up, Erin. Their new film, TINY: The Life of Erin Blackwell, gave them to opportunity to work with Nice Shoes colorist Chris Ryan who Bell has collaborated with on many projects. Together, Bell and Ryan sought to establish a visual continuity between TINY and Streetwise, bringing together the looks of previously unseen 16mm footage along with recently captured digital footage. The film made its world premiere in the city where both films were shot, at the Seattle International Film Festival, and will make its East Coast debut as part of BAM Cinemafest on June 25th.

    The veteran colorist shared his appreciation for working with Bell and Mark over the years, praising their artistic ability. “Martin has an amazing eye. He’s a true artist, and it’s been a treat to get to work with his imagery,” said Ryan. “This was his partner Mary Ellen’s last piece. She was a master photographer, and in addition to working with Martin on their films, she published so many beautiful books of her work. It was both a pleasure and an honor to have worked with both of them over the years.”

  • Nice Shoes Takes Pink Through The Looking Glass

    Nice Shoes Takes Pink Through The Looking Glass For Pink’s song “Just Like Fire”, the signature song for Disney’s new film Alice Through The Looking Glass, director Dave Meyers of Zanmi Films and Strange Invention’s VFX Supervisor Todd Sarsfield teamed with Nice Shoes to bring the singer through the looking glass and on a fantastical journey as Alice. Nice Shoes Creative Studio was instrumental in realizing an impressive, surreal scene in which Pink interacts with eighteen different versions of herself that have taken on the roles of the warring black and white factions of a life-sized chessboard. The studio’s Color & Finishing team graded and retouched the entire piece, further aiding Meyers and Pink in reflecting a parallel version of Alice’s world through the singer’s point of view.

    Watch the video and the making of, here: http://www.niceshoes.com/showreel/view/324

  • Nice Shoes Competes With Five Projects at SXSW

     NYC-based post house Nice Shoes collaborated with a talented array of filmmakers and creatives on five pieces in competition at the 2016 SXSW Film Festival. Projects include feature films The Incomparable Rose Hartman, The Dwarvenaut, and collective:unconscious, short film These C*cksucking Tears, and the title sequence for the 2016 Nitehawk Shorts Festival.

    Nice Shoes Creative Studio developed an animated narrative deconstructing the brand elements of the Brooklyn-based boutique theater Nitehawk Cinema to craft the opening sequence for the 3rd annual Nitehawk Shorts Festival. The piece, which pairs a classic story of predator VS prey with subtle references to the history of film, is a finalist in the Excellence In Title Design competition.

    Nice Shoes Colorist Chris Ryan lent his talents to two films in the documentary category, The Incomparable Rose Hartman, directed by Otis Mass and The Dwarvenaut, directed by Josh Bishop and produced by Nate Taylor.

    Director Lily Baldwin, who worked with four other filmmakers on the omnibus feature collective:unconscious, enlisted Nice Shoes colorist Sal Malfitano to grade her film entitled Swallowed, in which a suburban mom's life is upturned by a parasite growing inside of her.

    Colorist Ashley Ayarza collaborated with director Dan Taberski on These C*cksucking Tears, a short documentary that explores the life and career of Pat Haggerty, a country singer who wrote and performed the first gay-themed country album in 1973. Taberski worked with Ayarza to add a “grit and nicotine stain” to the footage of Haggerty going through his day-to-day, while bringing out lavender colors in the performance footage, appropriate to Haggerty’s band name of “Lavender Country.”

    Visit Nice Shoes: www.niceshoes.com

  • Hint Brings Nice Shoes To Kansas City

    Leading studios Hint and Nice Shoes have partnered, connecting colorists in New York, Chicago and Minneapolis with artists and creatives in Kansas City. The addition of Nice Shoes’ renowned color grading team complements Hint’s full suite of creative production and post production offerings.

    Nice Shoes Remote Services offer the same level of quality and convenience that has come to be expected from the company’s home base in New York, as well as newly launched locations in Chicago and Minneapolis. Kansas City clients will have the ability to collaborate seamlessly with Nice Shoes colorists Phil Choe, Gene Curley, Sal Malfitano, Lenny Mastrandrea, Oscar Oboza, Chris Ryan, Lez Rudge, and Ron Sudul as if they were working in the studio with them.

    “When we launched this service, it was to meet the needs of clients who previously would travel to New York to work with us. We’ve built a great foothold with that starting point, but now we have the exciting opportunity to collaborate with those clients as well as with new ones,” said Nice Shoes Managing Director Justin Pandolfino. “This partnership is not just about convenience, but about uniting talent that has never worked together before, which I hope will spark new creativity between both companies.”

    For more information, visit www.niceshoes.com and www.hint.is

  • Nice Shoes Creative Studio Adds Andy Zazzera As CG Director

    CG Director Andy Zazzera has joined Nice Shoes Creative Studio, adding to the NYC-based studio’s growth. Zazzera comes to Nice Shoes after working with SpeakeasyFX, Sarofsky Corp, and Buck, contributing to projects for Capri Sun, Huggies, Verizon, and Oreo. His experience also extends to many of Marvel’s latest hits, where he led production for the title sequences for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Ant-Man. Zazzera previously collaborated with Nice Shoes Creative Studio in the Summer of 2015, working closely with Creative Director James Coulson and Director of CG Steve Parish on visual effects shots for Ogilvy & Mather and Aetna’s online film “Dreams Reclaimed,” Lionsgate’s feature film Urge, and the opening sequence for Nitehawk Cinema’s 2015 Shorts Festival.

    “I’m thrilled to join Nice Shoes as they’re expanding the CG team and growing into new areas,” said Zazzera. “From the beginning, the main draw of CG for me was exploring the question of  ‘how does that work?’ I live for analyzing what makes things tick in the real world and tackling the challenge of recreating them on screen. Being a part of this team offers me a unique opportunity to explore those creative passions.”

    Visit Nice Shoes: www.niceshoes.com

  • Director So Yong Kim Crafts Lovesong With Nice Shoes Colorist Sal Malfitano

    Lovesong, a feature film directed by So Yong Kim, stars Riley Keough and Jena Malone as Sarah and Mindy, a pair of friends with an intimate bond that intensifies into something more. Their story is told across two periods in their lives, with Kim collaborating with cinematographers Guy Godfree and Kat Westergaard as well as Nice Shoes colorist Sal Malfitano to develop two color palettes that created a contrast between the two time periods, while maintaining the continuity of the overall film. Lovesong will be debuting and competing in the U.S. Dramatic Competition at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival.

    The director and both cinematographers met with Malfitano early in the editing process to review the footage and determine a direction for the color. The team agreed on a natural and honest look that would differ slightly across the two halves of the film, accentuating the time change and the evolution of each character. After this first screening, Malfitano worked separately with Godfree and Westergaard under Kim’s direction to craft the subtle differences of each portion of the story. Malfitano wanted his work on the film to echo the storytelling crafted by the director, and stressed the importance of the color in supporting, but not overwhelming, the final imagery.

    “The approach of the film is very subtle. It’s very honest and genuine in the portrayal of the love that grows between these two characters. The first half is a bit lower in contrast, warm, and gentler. It’s an introduction to Sarah and Mindy,” said Malfitano. “When the film revisits them three years later, more cool tones come in, a bit more contrast which I think supports how their relationship has aged and distanced at that point in the story.”

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  • Nice Shoes Welcomes Tara Holmes As Executive Producer of Color & Finishing

    NYC-based production and post production studio Nice Shoes has brought on Executive Producer Tara Holmes to lead the studio’s renowned Color & Finishing division. Holmes joins Nice Shoes with a reputation for strong leadership, having acted as Director of Creative Services at Company 3, Executive Producer of Post Production at AllDayEveryDay, and most recently as Senior Producer at Cutting Room. Her hiring follows the addition of Angela Bowen as Executive Producer for Nice Shoes Creative Studio, with the two divvying up management of the studio’s creative offerings and resources; while also partnering on full-service projects.   

    “I’m looking forward to working with Angela to expand on our clients’ perception of what Nice Shoes can achieve,” said Holmes. “We want to ensure that there’s a seamless collaborative experience for our clients, whether they’re working with Color & Finishing, Creative Studio, or the whole team.”

    “Tara brings new leadership and vision to our color and finishing team and will no doubt elevate our game as we expand into new arenas,” said Managing Director Justin Pandolfino. “Her enthusiasm is infectious - she even got me rooting for the Mets during the post-season - and her expertise is second-to-none."

    Holmes' experience at previous studios includes collaborations with such brands as Calvin Klein on their first ever Super Bowl spot, overseeing live color grading for Express in Times Square and on Snickers’ memorable Super Bowl spot starring Betty White. Managing a color and finishing talent roster which includes Chris Ryan, Lenny Mastrandrea, Ron Sudul, Gene Curley, Sal Malfitano, Oscar Oboza, Phil Choe, Russ Bigsby and Jason Farber; Holmes’ plan is to maintain the high level of excellence for which Nice Shoes is best known while meeting and exceeding ever changing market demands.

    Holmes will also work closely with Managing Director Justin Pandolfino to expand and support the Remote Color Grading network, which connect Nice Shoes’ artists with partner studios throughout North America. In addition to working with the company’s remote partners, Holmes will also focus on building relationships in Chicago and Minneapolis, where Nice Shoes recently established satellite studios headed up by Sudul and Oboza, respectively.

    “Even with all of their expansion in the past few years, Nice Shoes has held onto the family vibe and camaraderie that has drawn clients for years. They’re not a division of some conglomerate,” added Holmes. “It appealed to me as a client, and it appealed to me even more when I was offered the position. I’m really hoping to build off of the strength of the Nice Shoes brand as we grow in new and exciting ways.”

    Visit Nice Shoes: www.niceshoes.com

  • Nice Shoes Creative Studio Celebrates Cinema At The 3rd Annual Nitehawk Shorts Festival

    After supporting Nitehawk Cinema’s Shorts Festival as an in-kind sponsor in its first two years, Nice Shoes has expanded on its relationship with the Brooklyn-based theater to produce an opening sequence for the 3rd annual festival. Nice Shoes Creative Studio creative director James Coulson developed an animated narrative deconstructing Nitehawk’s brand elements to craft a story that subtly referenced the history of cinema.

    The Creative Studio established the scene with the Nitehawk bird as the hero of the piece, with the bird rendered in black against the brand’s bold yellow, in a story of predator VS prey. 

    “The idea was to twist what we assume to be prey - like a snake or worm - and build to a drama between our hero and it’s enemy trying to snatch the prey from its clutches,” explained Coulson. “Just as the enemy gets to our hero, our hero pulls out what we thought was prey to reveal a film strip. We then create a zoetrope effect that references where film and animation began and allows us to transform the Nitehawk Cinema logo into the Nitehawk Shorts Festival logo. Finally, we then created a swarm of birds that build into the Nitehawk’s ‘film reel’ logo.”

    The animated sequence features sound design by Nylon Studios, who created an atmosphere that augments the animalistic actions of the hawks while slowly introducing the theatrical setting.

    “Our hope with this piece was to celebrate the short, but impressive, history of Nitehawk,” added Coulson. “They’ve been so successful at building a passionate community dedicated to great cinema with their curation of films, and at inspiring the next generation of filmmakers with this festival.”

    Nice Shoes will also continue their support of the festival’s filmmakers, awarding a color grading package to the winning filmmaker, for use in crafting a future project. Previous winners have included director Eleanor Wilson, who redeemed her prize to collaborate with colorist Gene Curley on “Everything All At Once,” which was featured on the Sundance Channel’s website; and director Christopher Hawthorne, who won with his film “Bender” at last year’s festival.

    Visit Nice Shoes: www.niceshoes.com