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  • Lucky Post Editor Logan Hefflefinger Teams with Publicis Hawkeye to Introduce The Cows of Promised Land

    Like their ancestors on the British Isle of Jersey, every cow at Promised Land Dairy has a name. So begin the spots in the new campaign for Promised Land, edited by Lucky Post’s Logan Hefflefinger and directed by Greg Bell for agency Publicis. Blending writerly witticisms delivered in a droll British accent and charming, playful footage of Francine, Agatha, Roxy, Gladys, and Mildred, each commercial introduces viewers to the cows of Promised Land Dairy. Cows that - like us - are predisposed to can be “diva-ish,” gossip, love exercise, have dietary restrictions, and enjoy rocking out. All of these personalities are appreciated as these extraordinary cows also produce extraordinary milk. 

    Meet Agatha: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WFHDphg9TU

    Meet Gladys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-qp7-tVshE

    Meet Roxy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npdFM9u2Yd0

    Meet Mildred: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzv-48xYsi4

  • Lucky Post Promotes Elizabeth V. Moore To Editor

    Lucky Post Promotes Elizabeth V. Moore To Editor

    Lucky Post announces Elizabeth V. Moore has been promoted to editor. Moore has been working with her mentors and friends at Lucky Post since 2012, when she joined the company as an assistant. Working alongside Lucky Post’s senior editors, Moore has honed her talent editing music videos, television promos, short films, and commercials for brands including Charles Schwab, Costa, Jeep, 7-Eleven, and Wolf.

    “Elizabeth is a truly creative editor who has developed a stylistic voice that is appreciated by clients who trust her instinct and drive to deliver the best work possible,” comments Lucky Post CEO Tammie Kleinmann. “For us, it wasn’t a matter of if she would become an editor, but when. This is her time.”

    Film theory electives in college opened her eyes to a career in the arts and changed her focus, leading her to earn a degree in Cinema-Television from Southern Methodist University. An opportunity from a professor sent her into working with editor Sai Selvarajan on a documentary film immediately following graduation.

    Moore says she thrives on the connection visual storytelling evokes with an audience’s emotional journey: “I try to carry that first experience when I see the footage for the first time through the end of a project. It’s in that moment I am in the same seat as the audience.”

  • Lucky Post’s Editor Marc Stone Is Non-Stop For GameStop

    GameStop is releasing two more commercials featuring their charming associate characters in awkward situational comedies, that illustrate how they bring Power to the Players every day. The campaign is part of an ongoing collaboration between Lucky Post Editor Marc Stone, agency The Richards Group, and director Danny Leiner.

    “Rat” is a cheeky homage to the organized crime inspiration of the recently released open-world action-adventure title, Mafia III. “G-Force” displays associates excitement about the upcoming release of Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare, using DIY training tactics to prepare. Physical comedy, sarcastic sparrings, and a passion for all things gaming - are key elements in the GameStop campaign that impart a trademark wink about geeking out in the best possible way.

    Click here to watch "G Force." 

  • Sure Shot: Lucky Post’s Sai Selvarajan Edits “Chasing Light” YETI’s Latest Film On Wildlife Photographer Wyman Meinzer

    YETI’s latest short film, part of an ongoing collaboration between Lucky Post and McGarrah Jessee’s production company Rabbit Foot, takes viewers into the great outdoors and into the life of Wyman Meinzer, a man whose path has been shaped by the majesty of the wild. The film was edited by Lucky Post’s Sai Selvarajan for YETI’s documentary series. Watch it here.

    Wyman Meinzer is the only official State Photographer of Texas. He was raised on a 27,000-acre ranch in the rolling plains of Texas. Since then, he has traveled to every corner of the great state and all points in between in search of the first and last rays of sunlight in its magnificent sweep across the Texas landscape. Called “a man with the eye of a nineteenth-century impressionist painter and the soul of a buffalo hunter,” Wyman Meinzer translated hunting and observation into a career in photography. As the film reveals, his love of the land is unwavering and preservation became his ultimate calling, his eye trained on the animal inhabitants in this vast land.

    Finding an arc to Meinzer’s journey - both the personal and actual outdoor adventure - was central to Sai’s process. The unvarnished magnetism of Meinzer comes through in a fortuitous life transition, from hunter to photographer.  

  • Lucky Post Editor Sai Selvarajan Returns To The Wild For YETI With Agency McGarrah Jessee

    Agency McGarrah Jessee reunited with Lucky Post editor Sai Selvarajan to traverse Vancouver Island in a new brand ambassador spot for YETI. “Flip,” released earlier this year, and the new spot “Shockey” weave together stories that are singular in experience and strike at the heart of any viewer who longs to connect with the land.

    It’s not hyperbole to say Jim Shockey is a living legend. He’s a hunter, a modern‚Äźday explorer, anthropologist, and lover of all things wild. He’s published over 1,000 articles, taking readers along with him on his travels and teaching us all how to yearn for what’s over the next mountain. The new YETI brand message engages the senses with the sights and sounds of the world Jim Shockey inhabits. Experience it here: https://vimeo.com/173659520

    “Focused, attune, and candid - what makes these YETI ambassadors tick is the same: being outside,” mentions editor Sai Selvarajan. “We wanted to connect their inner state with viewers - one of peace and place.”

    Visceral sound design combined with epic views of Mount Prevost and intimate shots of wildlife and flickering campfires tap into audiences’ senses to ignite YETI’s call to action: Built For The Wild.

  • Lucky Post Adds Editor Marc Stone

    Lucky Post Adds Editor Marc Stone

    Award-winning editor Marc Stone has joined Lucky Post. Stone is widely known for finding the emotion in each edit, connecting with audiences in docu-style to comedic fiction genres. 

    “Marc and I worked together years ago when I was on the agency side. He is a true creative partner with his clients, he loves solving the puzzle of each project and finding the honest narrative in each story,” says Lucky Post EP Jessica Berry.

    Stone most recently enjoyed a seven year tenure at 3008. Among his notable work, the D Show Award-honored 2015 Jeep Super Bowl spot “Beautiful Land,” Dodge Super Bowl spot “Wisdom” which earned an 2015 AICE Award, the 2012 AICE winners AVG “Tigers vs. Toothpicks” and Metro PCS “Sync Cities, and the 2011 Bronze Cannes Lion-winning “Gamestop “Yay.” Prior to joining 3008, he was at N2O and Post Op Editorial, editing commercials for brands Corona, The Home Depot, Nissan, Farmer’s Insurance, and The Salvation Army.

  • Lucky Post Experiences Parents and Passengers for McDonalds

    Lucky Post editor Travis Aitken and sound designer Scottie Richardson were part of the new campaign for McDonald’s via agency Moroch that reminds us that there are many things you cannot choose, but you can “McPick 2.” The campaign highlights humor in everyday subtleties of life - “Parents” is an excerpt of dad emoji illiteracy and “Passengers” presents the awkward and unfortunate scenarios we find ourselves locked into during flights.



  • Lucky Post’s Logan Hefflefinger edits two hilarious GameStop spots that bring "Power to the Players."

    Lucky Post's Logan Hefflefinger and Scottie Richardson tag team two new spots via The Richards Group that use unexpected situations to demonstrate the ways GameStop brings Power To The Players.

    “Goat” is a wonderfully absurdist explanation of GameStop’s trade program. Working with the agency creative team, Hefflefinger found the pattern for the banter, while Scottie Richardson sound designed and mixed tracks and bleats. 

     The second spot, "Hole In The Wall,” uses dental horror-story stereotypes to promote an exclusive limited edition poster when you pre-order DOOM.

                The second spot, "Hole In The Wall,” uses dental horror-story stereotypes to promote an exclusive limited edition poster when you pre-order DOOM. 

  • Lucky Post Welcomes Editor Travis Aitken

    Lucky Post welcomes editor Travis Aitken to their team. Aitken, known for an innate talent for cutting comedy and dialogue, joins Lucky Post creative editorial talents Logan Hefflefinger and Sai Selvarajan. 

    Travis penchant for comedy was forged early on as an acting major. After graduating he discovered that he most enjoyed the process of shaping performance in the edit. “The edit is the final layer of performance, the last moment before audiences see the story unfold. I love being involved in the choices that impact perception.”

    His formal industry start at Mad River Post in Los Angeles is where he was “fortunate to learn from some of the best of the best, who were generous with their knowledge.”  It was also where Jessica Berry - Lucky Post’s EP, then a producer at GSD&M - gave him one of his first projects as an editor for a Southwest Airlines campaign.

    After Mad River Post, Travis deepened his editing career working at 501 Post where he developed a keen sensibility for editing performance, including an expansion into work for the Hispanic market for brands Miller Genuine Draft and Dominos, and later moved to CharlieUniformTango before going freelance. Over the years, Aitken has enjoyed collaborations with directors Noam Murro, Albert Brooks, Dayton & Faris, Brett Froomer, Lenny Dorfman, Moshe Brakha, Tony Kaye, and agencies Chiat Day, Deutsch, GSD&M, Latinworks, Leo Burnett, McGarrah Jessee, The Richards Group, and Weiden & Kennedy. 

    For more on Travis, please visit the Lucky Post website.

  • Lucky Post’s Logan Hefflefinger Finds Infinite Possibilities With Fiat Toro

    Fiat Toro’s new spot for Brazil is a symphonic fusion of moments that express the wonder of "Infinite Possibilities." Lucky Post’s Logan Hefflefinger traveled to Brazil along with The Richards Group creatives Tim Tone, David Morring and director Warren Fischer to capture life’s rich pageant that springs forth from 88 keys, 46 chromosomes, 6 strings and 1 car.

    The spot, “Infinitas Possibilidades,” is a graceful and voyeuristic exploration of creative systems - music, art, nature, culture. A string trio launches the brand film into a momentous journey where viewers are swept up by the vastness of a single instrument creating an entire symphony, the faces and cultures diversified by only 46 chromosomes, words building entire libraries of narratives and knowledge, and primary colors blending into unending combinations of art and design. The Toro, at the helm of the campaign, traverses highways to unbeaten paths, from metropolitan streets through wind and rain to freeing shores.

    Logan developed visual relationships and an editorial cadence with Fischer’s dynamically filmed cacophony of action, emotion, hue, texture along with these brilliant flashes of human creativity.

    “In the edit, Tim, David and I constantly examined the question ‘Does it feel like infinite possibilities?’ Each exploration had to connect back to the source and that final beat had to pay off,” comments Logan. “Warren Fischer is an artist, who thinks musically and cinematically, so it was exciting to see how he interpreted the agency’s vision.”

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  • Lucky Post Editor Sai Selvarajan Enters The Wild For YETI With Agency McGarrah Jessee

    Lucky Post’s Editor Sai Selvarajan joins YETI and agency McGarrah Jessee on a journey into the wild marsh of Mims, Florida, a region only accessible by airboat. The spot, edited by Selvarajan, features YETI brand ambassador Flip Pallot, one of the world’s greatest outdoorsmen whose knowledge and affection for the wild is reverent, poetic, underscores the importance of spending time outdoors. YETI coolers are a quiet companion and trusted tool in this branded docu-film where nature and Pallot’s wisdom shine.

     “Flip reminds people they should come out and experience the outdoors firsthand. Our generation needs to actually experience more of the wild to truly understand how to protect it and pass the wonder of it on to our kids so they can help keep as much of our planet as wild as possible for as long as possible,” explains McGarrah Jessee Creative Director/Art Director Tim Cole. “This was about more than just putting YETI product front and center. We wanted to inspire people to get outside.”

    After interviewing Pallot, director Jeff Bednarz understood that Flip’s relationship with the environment is intrinsic. “The outdoors is Flip's church,” he said. Out there is where he is grounded and at peace. It was great to see the passion in his eyes when he talked about the wild.”

    Before matching the audio to picture, Selvarajan wove audio quotes from Flip together to lay the narrative groundwork. Flip’s insight was lyrical, propelling Selvarajan to layer imagery that allowed the piece to breathe before the shock of an intense, quick-cut leap into the wild – the exciting, the mysterious and the sticky. He likens the experience to “making jazz music; there was freedom to explore, but wholly it was a cohesive experience that builds to a crescendo.”

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