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  • Mike Diva And Lord Danger Take Anna Akana On A Wild Ride With Metro Manners PSA

    The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) has teamed with creative production studio Lord Danger and Director Mike Diva to present a new campaign which takes a truly original approach to an everyday subject: manners. Close encounters with abysmal behavior on public busses and trains can make simple transgressions feel monstrous and lead to sticky situations.

    Rude Dude is a furry manifestation of bad manners: a seat-hogging, door-blocking, food-spilling monster. Super Kind is a J-Pop star by day, Super Hero by night played by Anna Akana who takes on Rude Dude’s transgressions with synth-tastic song. This colorful approach is the brain trust of Metro and Mike Diva, whose timely and astute interpretations of pop culture and digital connectedness has resulted in tens of millions of views. Through Lord Danger, Diva channels his perceptive imagination and hybridized talent (creative direction, directing, editing, vfx and music) for eyeball grabbing branded projects.

    Featuring three digital films and an accompanying print campaign, Metro Manners is the first integrated campaign for Diva and Lord Danger. Diva cast Anna Akana (who has over 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube for her weekly series) as the pitch perfect protector of protocol, with Rude Dude designed in conjunction with noted collaborator FONCO.

  • Lord Danger & Director Mike Diva Entice You To “Eat The Ice Cream” With Halo Top

    Halo Top CEO & Founder Justin Woolverton partnered with Creative Production Studio Lord Danger and director Mike Diva to create a stylized, futuristic narrative “Eat The Ice Cream.”  The brand-supported short has launched via social channels and will screen in select theaters. And while Halo Top may be naturally sweet, the film’s tenor is hardly saccharine, both in plot and the shoot’s infamous location: The 14th Factory’s art installation meant to recreate the white bedroom in Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey." 

    Mike Diva, is a director, musician, and YouTube personality known for making original content from music videos to memes. Diva is part of the talent at Lord Danger, a creative production studio focused on developing bold, innovative commercials, branded content and music videos for every screen. To find out more about Lord Danger, visit: http://www.lorddanger.com