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  • DEX Studio Announces Groundbreaking Of Badmaash As Franchise Expands from Downtown Los Angeles To F

    DEX Studio Announces Groundbreaking Of Badmaash  As Franchise Expands from Downtown Los Angeles To F

    DEX Studio announces the milestone groundbreaking of Los Angeles Indian eatery Badmaash as the franchise expands from its flagship in Downtown LA to the heart of Fairfax. The 1,400 square foot Indian haven is the second Badmaash restaurant for DEX, blending unexpected with familiar in its ambitious reach for a transcendent patron experience.

    DEX Studio Owner/Principal Glen Bell primarily sought to peel back layers of what Indian restaurants represent in Los Angeles and around the country. Through the immaculate design, DEX looked to create a space that is both approachable and modern while maintaining cultural integrity and relevance. The design process involved many intimate conversations with the Badmaash family surrounding memories of growing up and living in India, paving way to an organic showcase of colors, textures and styling indicative of the owners’ Indian roots.

    The design blends the disparate influences of India’s history: the muted color palette, moldings and furnishings, as seen in traditional Iranian cafes, plays a backdrop to the vibrant wall feature.  Bands of color form a motif on the kitchen wall reminiscent of the Indian sari.  The bands start to unravel throughout the space, where they support a light fixture from above.

  • DEX Studio Designs Wine & Spirits Haven “Stanley’s Wet Goods”

    DEX Studio Designs Wine & Spirits Haven “Stanley’s Wet Goods”

    Los Angeles architectural firm DEX Studio is pleased to announce a recent partnership with Stanley’s Wet Goods, a wine, beer and spirits retail environment in Culver City, California, where customers linger to interact with the space vis-à-vis a tasting bar. Stanley’s Wet Goods was meticulously designed by DEX with owner Glen Bell at the helm, further demonstrating his distinctive approach to architectural design.

    Founded on the belief that the magic of Mother Nature enhances the most important moments of life with friends and family, Stanley's Wet Goods was specifically designed to serve as a communal space for like-minded drinkers with a suitable background of the varied products, each with their own personality. 

    The thrust of the design came with the need for artfully storing and displaying the varying bottles. The retail space uses the high ceiling concept to emphasize the divided shelving used for storage and display, while playful lighting fixtures hang from the ceiling to bring the focus to the milled retail islands. A low graphic wood ceiling wraps from the exterior to provide an intimate atmosphere for the tasting area. Timber wood planks, stone and steel were also used to contrast the rich graphic nature of the retail products and bring more elemental aspects that ground the experience where customers will want to gather. 

    “It was a pleasure working with a client who had a clear sense for his concept and the trust in us to meet his challenges,” shares Glen Bell. "With Stanley’s, we sought to create a space that felt familiar, yet unexpected. The idea was to strike a balance between serving John’s practical needs and stimulating the customer’s senses. The design became a focus on materials and craftsmanship that, like many of the products he sells, become better with age.”