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  • Cut+Run Editor Gary Knight Illuminates Powerful Reactions to Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi”

    Sometimes people's reactions to a painting can be as compelling as the artwork itself.  Edited by Cut+Run’s Gary Knight and directed by Nadav Kander of Chelsea Pictures for Droga5, this hidden camera short film illuminates candid and powerful reactions to Leonardo da Vinci’s uncovered masterpiece “Salvator Mundi”. 

  • Cut+Run Editor Ben Campbell Edits Beautifully Quirky & Original Campaign For Squarespace

    Squarespace’s new TV campaign, directed by Biscuit’s Andreas Nilsson and edited by Cut+Run’s Ben Campbell, blends offbeat comedy with quirky art direction. “Atlas,” “Magician,” and “Storytellers,” all feature an eccentric cast of characters and tongue-in-cheek data references to demonstrate how Squarespace can help you stand out from the sea of sameness. View the campaign here: https://wdrv.it/f4c56aa3c

  • NFL's "The Handoff" Celebrates The Unfading Football Spirit / Cut+Run / Bullitt

    Football doesn’t stop in the summer. Not even close. Edited by Cut+Run’s Joel Miller and directed by Tim K of Bullitt for Translation, “The Handoff” is a fun, upbeat showcase of all things football in the so-called “offseason.”

  • Cut+Run’s Sam Ostrove Edits Jay-Z’s “Bam”

    Jay-Z pays homage to Jamaica and its ties to hip hop in “Bam,’ a new music-driven film directed by Iconoclast’s Rohan Blair-Mangot and film edited by Cut+Run’s Sam Ostrove. Accompanying Damian Marley, Jay-Z explores the neighborhood knows as the birthplace of late reggae legend Bob Marley. Around them, people take refuge from the waning heat at Sunset, kids play soccer in the yard, music pulses in dance halls and worn courtyards. These captivating scenes are intercut with studio performances by Jay, Marley and Sister Nancy – three icons of music who connect to the very essence of place, streets from which music cultures formed and flourished. The title of the short doc music video, “Bam,” is a nod to Sister Nancy’s popular song “Bam Bam,” which is sampled and discussed in the film. “Bam” debuted on Tidal as part of Jay-Z’s new project 4:44, the artist’s 13th solo album which includes a series of music videos and short films.

  • Editor Ethan Mitchell Joins Cut+Run

    Editor Ethan Mitchell Joins Cut+Run

    Cut+Run is excited to welcome editor Ethan Mitchell to the company. Mitchell will be based out of the NYC office and is also available to work via Cut+Run’s locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Austin. The editor is known for editing beauty-infused work in a variety of genres, including visual storytelling, documentary, comedy, and brand supported narratives.

    Mitchell, who was at The Whitehouse for a decade before joining Cut+Run, has earned a reputation for his visually playful and striking campaigns for Google, Apple, Spotify, and Adidas with agency partners 72andSunny, Sid Lee, Droga5, Johannes Leonardo, Translation, and McGarry Bowen.

    He has worked alongside directors that include Marielle Heller, The Fines, Ben Gregor, and ab/cd/cd. But it’s the editor’s close collaboration with director Matthew Frost and Iconoclast that has resulted in astute, category defining projects including the social satire fashion shorts “Aspirational” starring Kirsten Dunst, the Clio award winning “Scripted Content” with Jessica Chastain, and Givenchy’s quirky and disarming perfume launch “Very Irresistible” with Amanda Seyfried.

  • Cut+Run Duo Steve Gandolfi & Luc Giddens Edit Gatorade's Campaign "Make Defeat Your Fuel"

    Gatorade’s “Make Defeat Your Fuel” campaign demonstrates that even the world’s most accomplished athletes may experience the feeling of failure at some point in their career, which can help fuel future success. It’s a reminder that defeat can fuel athletes to get back on the court or field and mentally prepare to train harder, get stronger, practice longer, come back and perform better. The ad features some of sports’ most recognizable names including Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Serena Williams, JJ Watt, Karl-Anthony Towns, Kyle Schwarber and Matt Ryan, all sharing their individual motivations. 

  • Equinox Debuts Short Film “LGBTQAlphabet: Six Letter Will Never Be Enough

    Equinox—the high performance lifestyle leader— unveiled “LGBTQAlphabet: Six Letters Will Never Be Enough,” a short film edited by Stacy Peterson from Cut+Run that expands the definition of “LGBTQA” into a full alphabet with 26 distinct opportunities to proudly communicate who you are and how you love. Conceived as a continuation of Equinox’s “Commit to Something” narrative, the work further explores the theme of identity addressed in the 2017 advertising campaign and reflects the incredible diversity of the LGBTQA community.

    Developed in close collaboration with The LGBT Community Center, director Jordan Bahat, choreographer Andrew Winghart and Wieden + Kennedy New York, the film will roll out across Equinox social channels throughout June in celebration of Pride Month and reflects Equinox’s ongoing commitment to the LGBTQA community. Woven into the piece are different voices, including friends of The Center, who, from “Ally” to “Ze | Zir” authentically share the words that most meaningfully define who they are as individuals in the LGBTQA community—and citizens of the world.

    The film, intended to evolve the definition of the term “LGBTQA” and inspire conversation, features a series of interpretive dance vignettes, each corresponding to a word associated with LGBTQA identity.

  • Etsy Studio Launches New Campaign Edited By Cut+Run’s Akiko Iwakawa

    Etsy Studio, a place to inspire everyone to make, launches with a new campaign directed by Olivier Gondry and edited by Cut+Run’s Akiko Iwakawa. Like a Busby Berkley dance, the playfully animated work encourages people to move beyond swiping and liking, with ideas and resources to make whatever moves you. The launch campaign also embodies the Etsy Studio ethos – with a layered, highly collaborative creative process that brings these charming and inviting vignettes to life.

  • Jogger Adds Yoko Lytle as Senior Producer

    Jogger Adds Yoko Lytle as Senior Producer

    Cut+Run’s sister company Jogger welcomes Yoko Lytle as Senior Producer. Lytle brings a wealth of experience to her role at the visual effects and finishing company, located within Cut+Run’s New York studio. 

    Lytle began her career working in London on independent features and in post-production. During that time, Lytle also worked for various production companies at the prestigious Cannes International Film Festival and became a member of BAFTA. She moved to New York in 2010 where she made the transition to short form production. As a freelance producer, Lytle produced high-end graphics and VFX for commercials as well as long form content for TV and features. She joins Jogger’s New York office at a time of growth for the new company, which collaborates on and contributes to many of Cut+Run’s projects.

    "We are so happy to have Yoko on our team! Not only does she have great experience, but she also has a really exciting vision for our future,” says Cut+Run EP Lauren Hertzberg.  “There is so much happening at Jogger and it was really important to us to find the right partner to help us continue to grow and expand the company.”

  • Cut+Run and Jogger Studios Run Wild with Shortlist Management

    Editorial company Cut+Run and VFX sister company Jogger Studios have signed with SHORTLIST for West Coast Sales Representation. SHORTLIST was founded by Charlie McBrearty & Vanessa McLean with an experienced team dedicated to connecting talent to brands, including award-winning companies spanning editorial, visual effects, production, music, experiential/installation and VR.

  • Cut+Run’s Sean Stender And Lucas Eskin Edit Fender’s Feedback Documentary Series

    Cut+Run’s Sean Stender and Lucas Eskin edited Fender’s Feedback documentary series in support of the American Professional guitar series launch directed by Jason Miller, Matt Miller, and Clara Balzary. The films capture compelling and diverse stories of some of today’s most inspiring artists who amplify their creative voice with a deep passion for electric guitars and basses.

    Since 1946, Fender has revolutionized music and culture as one of the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers, marketers and distributors. Fender is dedicated to unlocking the power of music and musical expression at every stage, from beginners to history-making legends. The film series reveals intimate portraits of legendary artists, simultaneously speaking to all the ways people express themselves with electric guitar, rising above the noise with their own.   The American Professional series is a proud testament to Fender’s 70 years of knowledge, technology and experience making iconic instruments.  The news series consists of modern classics informed by the style and sound of the past but with a thoroughly modern feel.

    “Fender is one of those iconic American brands whose messaging isn't just hype, its authentic and supported by artists who really believe and live the lifestyle,” comments Editor Sean Stender. “The Fender guitar was initially designed as the working musician’s guitar. This utilitarian spirit is what really spoke to the artist who played Fender instruments -- it reflected their own creativity and ingenuity... and it didn't hurt that the guitars looked really cool as well. For all of those reasons, and more, it was exciting to have the opportunity to help shape these stories.”

    Click here to view the series. 

  • Unique Hammond Joins Cut+Run Los Angeles, As Head of Sales and Development

    Unique Hammond Joins Cut+Run Los Angeles, As Head of Sales and Development

    Cut+Run is excited to welcome Unique Hammond as Head of Sales and Development for the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Austin offices. Hammond brings a wealth of industry knowledge to this new role.

    "Unique is an asset in our next stage of development. Her prior experience leading sales and as an Executive Producer make her the perfect addition to our team," says Managing Director Michelle Eskin.

    Hammond's previous roles span various leadership positions in the advertising industry, from EP at Aero Film, to Partner of SCOUT and Co-Creator of HUM Music. In each, she was heavily involved in developing teams to put compelling and original work on the screen.

    As for Cut+Run, Unique relates, "I was first inspired by work, then fell in love with the people of Cut+Run - all of whom show the utmost appreciation for each other and their clients. I am excited about becoming part of the fabric, and to being a conduit for clients, sales, and the management team." 

  • Cut+Run’s Russell Anderson Edits Awards Show Satire For Farmers Insurance

    With the Academy Awards just days away, Farmers Insurance launches a parodical new campaign via agency RPA that highlights a mock award show titled “The Burkies," edited by Cut+Run’s Russell Anderson. The digital campaign highlights the most outrageous real-life claims in an homage to awards shows. The campaign’s aim is to “celebrate the best in fake movies based on real Farmers Insurance claims” through a series of spots differentiated by genre, from a dog’s tomfoolery to a turkey’s near-death experience.

  • Cut+Run’s Sam Ostrove Edits Latest Grammy's Campaign Celebrating Positive Impact Of Music

    Cut+Run celebrated the 59th Grammy’s and the positive impact of music in the latest campaign from The Recording Academy, “Believe in Music,” featuring artist Anderson .Paak and edited by Sam Ostrove. In the film--directed by Natalie Rae of Sanctuary Content--.Paak, who laid the foundation for his music career as a drummer in a gospel choir, returns to church to perform a rendition of his hit “Come Down.”

    The uplifting film shows the profound effect music has on the human spirit— as a congregation dances together to the infectious tune accompanied by a gospel choir. Gospel music director and .Paak’s family friend J’rese Mitchell collaborated with .Paak to create the gospel arrangement for the song. The cast features friends and family from .Paak’s hometown of Oxnard, California. His sister Camille and 6 year-old son Soul also make cameo appearance.

  • Love Has No Labels Takes Over the NFL Kiss Cam in Beautiful New Film Edited By Cut+Run

    Love Has No Labels Takes Over the NFL Kiss Cam in Beautiful New Film Edited By Cut+Run

    To coincide with Valentine’s Day, the Ad Council, R/GA and an unprecedented group of brand partners launched, “Fans of Love,” an extension of the iconic Love Has No Labels campaign. The new PSA, edited by Cut+Run’s Robert Ryang and directed by Floyd Russ for R/GA, put a twist on the traditional kiss cam by replacing it with a camera that features all forms of love –friendships, families and romantic relationships– across race, religion, gender, sexuality, ability and age. "I loved collaborating with my friend, director Floyd Russ, and the R/GA team on such meaningful and relevant work,” says Robert Ryang. "Hopefully, in the future, acceptance will be so common that people will wonder why a project like this was even necessary.”

    The goal of the campaign has always been to flood culture with a message of unbiased love, but this year, they’re doing so by actually reframing an iconic part of culture. “On Valentine’s Day ‘Fans of Love’ highlights that love has the power to bring people together regardless of our differences – a message that is more important now than ever,” said Lisa Sherman, president and CEO of the Ad Council. “We hope that this new creative will encourage all of us to reflect on our own biases and the role we can play in creating a more accepting and inclusive world.”

    The campaign directs audiences to lovehasnolabels.com, which features a quiz to help people examine their own biases and resources on how to take actionable steps to rethink those biases. An interactive “Fans of Love” video will present relevant campaign facts and links to educational content to audiences as they are watching the film.

    To learn more, visit the Love Has No Labels website on Tumblr, join the campaign’s social communities on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and visit the campaign shop.

  • Arcade, Cut+Run, Eleven & Timber Contribute Their Talents To Multiple Super Bowl 2017 Commercials

    Arcade, Cut+Run, Eleven & Timber Contribute Their Talents To Multiple Super Bowl 2017 Commercials

    The Super Bowl 2017 campaign climate was filled with celebration as Arcade, Cut+Run, Eleven and Timber revel in their wide-spread contributions. The four studios enjoyed one of their greatest years to date with numerous spots each, attracting a plethora of buzz from various media outlets and online platforms. The companies anticipate more traction and reaction in the near future as the spots take a life of their own online, with plans for continued growth and overall presence in the years ahead.

    The team of editors at Arcade contributed their talents to 10 Super Bowl 2017 commercial campaigns this year, including Aflac, Buick, Busch, H&R Block, Snickers, Synovus, Tide and T-Mobile. Cut+Run’s editors contributed to 2 pre-game spots for Heinz & Taco Bell and 1 game spot for It’s a 10, while the team of mixers and sound designers at Eleven contributed to a total of 7 spots for API, Buick, H&R Block, SoCal Honda, T-Mobile and Wix. Timber’s team contributed their VFX/postproduction talents to 8 spots including commercials for Buick, H&R Block, Snickers, Synovus, and multiple spots for T-Mobile.

  • Cut+Run's Unveils New San Franciso Office

    Cut+Run's Unveils New San Franciso Office

    Cut + Run is pleased to announce the opening of their new post-production space in San Francisco. Helmed by Executive Producer Deanne Mehling and Senior Editor Pete Koob, the office is located in the heart of the city, two blocks off Union Square and surrounded by a vibrant collection of new restaurants, shops and bars. Leveraging the partnership between Cut + Run and VFX sister company, Jogger, the office has already enjoyed a wide range of collaborations such as Xbox with 215 McCann, Draft Kings with BSSP and Playstation with Venables Bell and Partners. Housing three edit bays and a fully equipped flame suite, the new space aims to extend to Cut+Run's San Francisco clients the same high level of talent and premiere client service found in the company's offices around the world.

  • Cut+Run's Adam Bazadona Edits The New Gap Holiday Cozy Campaign

    Gap's lounge wear seamlessly transitions from home to street and lets you feel comfortable in your skin wherever you might be in the new Gap Holiday Cozy campaign, editing by Cut + Run’s Adam Bazadona for Untitled Worldwide. Directed by Matt Baron of AllDayEveryDay, the spots take viewers from a dreamlike, magical environment complete with a bike, roller skaters, long boarders and moving pieces of furniture. We wanted to not just show how to wear cozy lounge wear, but create a video that emulates and elevates the feeling of freedom and snugness one gets when wearing the lounge wear product. 

    The videos will be showcased primarily on Gap’s social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  

    View the campaign here

  • Lauren Hertzberg Named EP For Cut+Run NY

    Lauren Hertzberg Named EP For Cut+Run NY

    Cut+Run is thrilled to welcome Lauren Hertzberg as Executive Producer of the company’s New York office.  Hertzberg, known for her deft eye for talent and impeccable client service, brings a dynamic leadership style steeped in her extensive editorial experience. “From my first meetings with the team, it was clear we held a shared vision for the company. I have always been impressed by Cut+Run's editorial talent and once I saw the community they have created first hand, I knew this was the right fit,” explains Hertzberg.

    Partner/Editors Akiko Iwakawa and Jon Grover both feel that Lauren is a perfect addition to Cut+Run as she will play a central part in providing top-notch creative support and service to clients. As Akiko explains, “In addition to her great reputation in post, Lauren brings a deep passion for the craft of editing.“ Jon agrees, “Lauren inherently understands the culture of our company and we are excited to see how she infuses her experience and optimism into the role of Executive Producer to make it her own. We couldn’t be happier to have her on board.” 

    Hertzberg joins Cut+Run from the Whitehouse, where she was the NY Executive Producer for the last 4 ½ years. She started with the company in 2003 and worked her way up the ranks from receptionist to producer, working on projects ranging from global television commercials to music videos, short films, and social media content.

    Cut+Run is an award-winning editing company with offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Austin and San Francisco. To find out more about the company please visit www.cutandrun.com

  • Cut+Run Promotes Two In NYC- Adam Bazadona to Editor & Ellese Jobin to Head of Production

    Cut+Run Promotes Two In NYC- Adam Bazadona to Editor & Ellese Jobin to Head of Production

    Cut+Run NY is excited to announce the promotion of Ellese Jobin to Head of Production and Adam Bazadona to Editor. "We're so proud to have such great talent grow within Cut + Run, especially when they're exceptional people like Ellese and Adam,” comments Jon Grover, Partner/Editor at Cut+Run New York. “They are part of the family and have worked tremendously hard to be where they are today.”

    Ellese Jobin’s career was forged at Cut+Run: she joined the company shortly after Adam Bazadona, working in client service and reception. She quickly became involved in projects, assuming the role of producer and eventually Senior Producer. As Head of Production, Ellese will oversee Cut+Run’s NY producer team and all facets of the postproduction process in a management capacity.  

    The family atmosphere paramount to Cut + Run NY has proven to be instrumental to Adam Bazadona’s personal career growth. He started as an assistant in 2009 and, over the years, has worked alongside Jon Grover, Gary Knight, Akiko Iwakawa, among other editors at Cut+Run. Shifting from assisting to editing has been a fluid transition for Adam whose credits include co-editor on Green Day’s “Oh Love” directed by Sam Bayer, the CFDA Fashion Fund film directed by Jun Diaz, a collaboration with Andres Cortes on “Rehearsal Space” featuring Lee Renaldo from Sonic Youth, the recent Panda Desiigner video, and in 2015, Adam cut Scott McFarnon’s “Crazy Heart” directed by Floyd Russ. In the commercial realm, Adam has contributed his editing talent to a diverse collection of projects for clients Mercedes, Kobe Bryant, Verizon Wireless and Blue Apron.  

  • Andy Green & Sean Fazende Named Editors At Cut+Run

    Andy Green & Sean Fazende Named Editors At Cut+Run

    Cut+Run is excited to announce the official promotion of Andy Green and Sean Fazende to Editors. Both editors are based in Los Angeles and available to work via any Cut+Run location. 

    Andy Green is known for his penchant for cutting comedy and dialogue. Over the last year, prior to assuming the editor title at Cut+Run, Andy cut Cisco with GS&P, OXO via Muhtayzik Hoffer, and Cesar with BBDO SF. With Jay Nelson, Andy contributed to projects with such noted brands as Gatorade, VW, Microsoft and Old Navy. Andy was formerly at Bob Industries where he was an editor who worked closely with director Zach Math on such projects as KMART “Ship My Pants” and “Yo Mamma” via DraftFCB Chicago, and GameStop for The Richards Group. Andy edited Elias Sime: Eye of the Needle, Eye of the Heart” a short film directed by Dayton/Faris for an exhibition at the Santa Monica Museum of Art. For Jason Reitman, Andy edited “Roast Battle” the NSFW docu-short about the no-holds-barred verbal boxing match where comedians compete in a battle of wit and insults. The film was part of the official line up at Sundance 2016 and has toured festivals around the country.

    Three years ago, Sean Fazende joined Cut+Run where he has fostered his talent for music videos, editing for such artists as Disclosure feat, Lorde, Smashing Pumpkins, Zayn Malik, and Selena Gomez (2016 VMA Nominee – “Kill em with Kindness”). Working alongside Steve Gandolfi, Sean parlayed his fast paced editing style and love of sports into his commercial work for projects including “Take It” for adidas and Wilson’s “From Federer.” During his junior year at Boston University, Sean took a summer internship in Los Angeles, which ultimately lead to staff positions at Arcade and Beast, before coming to Cut+Run.

  • Cut+Run Edits Medley of Olympics Advertising Campaigns

    Cut+Run is honored to be part of an Olympic team effort – that of brand, agency and creative partners who helped bring a series of spots to sporting life.  Each finds inspiration in the great strength exhibited by the world’s premiere athletes and the complex and often challenging road to the 2016 games.

    An anthemic Gillette spot, edited by Gary Knight for Grey Worldwide and directed by Caviar’s Karim Huu Do, reveals the unyielding dedication to overcome adversity in the pursuit of athletic excellence. The best a man can get isn’t always pretty, but is always worth the chase.

    Meanwhile, gymnast Simone Biles is “Small But Powerful” -- a superstar in her field and in the Tide spot edited by Joel Miller for Saatchi & Saatchi and directed by Joseph Kahn of Supply and Demand. 

    Pete Koob cut the MINI Olympics campaign directed by All Day Every Day’s Matt Baron via BSSP that shows how greatness comes from rejecting derogatory labels and refusing to let other people’s prejudice get in the way of success. Alongside Pete editor Christopher Kasper helped shape the campaign with long-form spots highlighting the various athletes and what they overcame to be on the world athletic stage.

    “One Journey. Two Teams.” edited by Jon Grover and directed by Michael Haussman of Person Films for agency mcgarrybowen, features sporting greats and medal winning athletes including volleyball star Kerri Walsh Jennings, soccer player Carli Anne Lloyd, swimmer Missy Franklin, in the ultimate relay race through the airport to Rio.

    No limits is the theme of BMW “Wheelchair,” edited by Gary Knight and directed by Decon’s T.J. O’Grady-Peyton for KBS. The quietly powerful commercial is an unexpected look at the ultimate driving machine. Josh George, a Team USA Paralympian athlete, uses a specially designed BMW wheelchair built for breaking things. 

    With an eye on the future, Lucas Eskin and Ben McCambridge edited an experiential campaign for Los Angeles’ 2024 Olympic bid. These films are on display at the Rio Olympic Games via 72andSunny and directed by Karim Huu Do of Caviar.  

  • Cut+Run's Dan Maloney Edits Driver Safety Campaign "The Things I've Seen"

    Agency RK Venture's successful ongoing driver safety campaign "The Things I've Seen," for the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) has rolled out two new spots, directed by Sean Broughton and edited by Dan Maloney, that pull no punches in delivering the message that drunk driving destroys lives and seat belts are key to limiting serious injury in auto accidents.  Visual effects by Broughton help bring these devastating, compelling narratives to life uniquely. 

    "The final results deliver our message with stunning impact,” says Richard Kuhn, RK Venture’s owner and executive creative director. “Drinking and driving and not wearing a seatbelt all too often result in shattering consequences that can be avoided. I couldn’t be more pleased with what Sean Broughton and Dan Maloney brought to the table, and the finished spots." 

    The Things I’ve Seen:

    According to editor Dan Maloney, “The main focus of this edit was to strike a balance with the pacing--while still giving the stellar VFX shots room to breathe.  The process was integrated and pretty seamless--working with Nick and Sean is always a pleasure.” In addition to the edit, Dan was heavily involved in sound design for both spots, as well as the selection of music for “Physical Therapist."

  • Cut+Run Promotes Sean Stender to Editor

    Cut+Run announced today that Sean Stender has been promoted to Editor. While working in a dual capacity as an assistant and editor, Stender was nominated for an AICE award in 2015 for his contribution to the massive, multi-editor campaign for Starbucks. He was then nominated this year, alongside Sam Ostrove, on their co-edited Kendrick Lamar, "Witness Greatness" video for the Grammy's and agency, TBWA/Chiat/Day. In 2015, he won a D&AD award for "Branded film content/entertainment" for Levi's Oakland Skateboarding. 

    As an in-house editor at Reactor Films, he collaborated closely with directors, editing their director's cuts, commercials, and music videos. On the recommendation of director friends, Stender contacted Cut+Run, and worked his way up to apprentice with Steve Gandolfi before becoming an editor.

    "I love the immediacy of editing, and of being able to see the results of the creative process as it happens," Stender comments. "It has been exciting to hone in on my craft and develop my career at Cut+Run. I am thrilled to officially assume the role of editor."

  • Cut+Run’s Sean Fazende Edits New Selena Gomez Video

    Selena Gomez has released her new music video “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” from the Revival album (Interscope Records), produced by Ammolite Films/Two Bridges, directed by Ammolite Films’ Emil Nava and edited by Cut+Run’s Sean Fazende. Shot on 16mm film, the video for the track “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” unites strength and beauty. 


  • Cut+Run Adds Senior Producer Jared Thomas

    Cut+Run announced today that Jared Thomas has joined the company as Senior Producer of the Los Angeles office. Prior to becoming part of the Cut+Run family, Jared was a freelance producer managing and executing large, complex projects for both production and postproduction companies here in LA and San Francisco.

    Jared’s love of media started as a member of his middle school A/V club where he was one of a small crew in charge of daily announcements. Sometime around high school, Jared realized that his talent was in producing – even if he didn’t know the name for his calling.

    He got his industry start as a producer at Beast in San Francisco where he worked for three years, simultaneously founding Gunpowder Collective with creative friends who wanted to make films in their spare time. One of the projects, for Revielle Brothers, reflects Jared’s brand film savvy and his obsession with quality coffee. As a producer he has contributed to projects for such brands as Nike, Geico, adidas, Coors Light, Mercedes, Microsoft, and Starbucks for agencies 72andSunny, 180, BBDO, Venables Bell & Partners, among others.

  • Cut+Run’s Sean Stender Edits "501® Jean: Stories of an Original”

    In celebration of 100 years of partnership with Cone Mills Denim in North Carolina, Levi’s presents a short documentary film, The 501® Jean: Stories of an Original. The film, edited by Cut+Run’s Sean Stender and directed by Harry Israelson for Imprint Projects, reveals the lasting impact the original 501® jean has had on cultural history.

    Exploring the role that the 501® plays in work, style and rebellion, the documentary features interviews with innovators including musician and journalist, Henry Rollins; artist John Baldessari; co-founder of Partners & Spade, Andy Spade; model and style icon, Erin Wasson, among others. It also goes behind the scenes with Cone Mills Denim, the longtime makers of the famous blue cloth that is transformed into Levi’s 501® jeans, and follows archivists that collect historic jean remnants from locations around the west. Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, one of folk music’s most enduring characters narrates the documentary and indie rock artist Ernest Greene of Washed Out contributes to the original score.

    Beloved and truly original, the story of Levi’s 501’s lives large.


  • Cut+Run Names Amburr Farls Executive Producer, Los Angeles

    Cut+Run is excited to announce that Amburr Farls has been named Executive Producer of the Los Angeles office. Amburr Farls was most recently Head of Production at Cut+Run overseeing production needs for LA, SF and Austin. As EP, Amburr will expand her sales and marketing role while continuing to lead the production team.

    “I'm proud to accept this promotion,” Amburr says. “The community we’ve built here is special – you can feel it when you walk through the door. It’s a family of really talented folks who love what they do, and there’s a deep care and respect for the staff and clients."

    Amburr joined the company as Senior Producer and has been involved with large-scale, award winning projects, collaborating with agencies and director clients on a variety of advertising projects for all screens from broadcast to digital, social and film. She was promoted to Head of Production in 2014.

  • Cut+Run Austin Expands With Executive Producer Bebe Baldwin

    Cut+Run is proud to welcome Bebe Baldwin as Executive Producer of the company’s growing Austin office. Baldwin is a former producer for GSD&M, with deep experience in advertising and branded content projects from concept through finish.

    During her career at GSD&M, Baldwin produced campaigns for such noted brands as AT&T, BMW, Marshalls, Southwest, and Walgreens. Agency insight and appreciation of client needs are part of her producing approach that she carries into the E.P. role at Cut+Run. Baldwin will partner with editors Staci LeVan, Jay Nelson, and the array of talent across Cut+Run locations to grow the Austin office. Along with the leadership of Bebe Baldwin, Cut+Run has added Assistant Editor Nick Kondylas.

    “Cut+Run has an impeccable reputation nationally and a growing presence here,” concludes Bebe Baldwin. “It is a great combination of a startup backed by an established company with a global reach. Austin is a creative city and fertile ground for postproduction, and I look forward to building on what Cut+Run has started here.”

    Visit Cut+Run: www.cutandrun.com

  • Cut+Run Editors Cut Four Commercials For The Super Bowl: Heinz, KIA, Apartments.com & Jack In The Box

    Super Bowl 2016’s advertising extravaganza featured four commercials edited by Cut+Run’s Jay Nelson, Steve Gandolfi and Isaac Chen.

    Jay Nelson created an epic edit for Heinz “Weiner Stampede” via agency David and directed by Biscuit’s Jeff Lowe. Set to the classic “Without You,” the spots invite viewers to #MeetTheKetchups with a stampede of irresistible dogs embracing their favorite companions.

    Check the “Walken Closet”…Steve Gandolfi crafted a colorful edit for KIA’s Super Bowl spot via agency David&Goliath and directed by Matthijs Van Heijningen. The commercial features Christopher Walken who surprises an unsuspecting man in beige with a lesson about not blending including one’s wardrobe and the KIA Optima.

    Jeff Goldblum is “Movin’ On Up” with Lil Wayne and George Washington in Apartments.com’s Super Bowl spot. Created by agency RPA, edited by Steve Gandolfi, and directed by Andreas Nilsson, the spot features Brad Bellflower who commandeers a piano for his rendition of The Jeffersons iconic theme song while he heads to the ‘deluxe apartment in the sky.’ There, Brad meets the reimagined George (George Washington) and Weezy (Lil Wayne) who are hosting, naturally, a Super Bowl party.

    History never tasted so good: Isaac Chen edited Jack In The Box’s Super Bowl spot "Declaration of Delicious" is narrated by a bald eagle and stars Jack as the patriotic leader in the battle of the burger. Directed by Caviar’s Ruben Fleischer for agency David&Goliath, this is a true American burger story - the launch of the Double Jack.

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  • Cut+Run's Dan Maloney Considers "Why Wine?" While Editing James Casey"s Film For Nowness

    “Why Wine?” is the cheeky title of the new short film directed by James Casey, edited by Cut+Run’s Dan Maloney, and presented by Nowness. The short docu content piece features the likes of musician / The Four Horseman wine bar co-owner James Murphy, wine consultant Justin Chearno, The New York Times wine and food critic Eric Asimov, GQ food correspondent Alan Richman, Time wine and travel columnist Alice Feiring and others as they discuss the many reasons to celebrate with a glass of vino.

    “I wanted to take something that is often perceived as elitist and demystify the process,” explains director James Casey.  “As James Murphy says, ‘It’s delicious and it gets you a little fucked up.’ It’s not about being precious. We wanted it to look great, entertain, and reflect the myriad of opinions about the enjoyment of wine.”

    Casey, founder of the anti-foodie food and travel publication Swallow Magazine, brings his distinctive voice to content for Nowness and other outlets, often with a culinary focus. He first collaborated with Dan Maloney on a branded content project for Uniqlo and they “have been threatening to work together since.”

    According to Casey, “We share a similar sense of humor and pacing, and I inherently trust Dan’s editing choices. As with many of my projects, a lightness of touch defines the tone of this piece. Dan carried that through in the edit.”

    “James’ films show you don’t have to be super serious to be informative,” comments Dan Maloney. “He is incredibly deft at the art of the interview, and I appreciate the frankness he was able to elicit from the subjects. The spontaneity of unscripted material combined with James’ stylish overhead shots, made this a really interesting and enjoyable project to edit.”

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  • New Music Video “Crazy Heart” Raises Awareness of Human Trafficking & Survivor’s Ink

    A provocative, music-driven short film, “Crazy Heart,” directed by Floyd Russ and edited by Cut+Run’s Adam Bazadona, tells the brutal true story of a human trafficking survivor and aims to raise awareness of modern day slavery. The film, which features Grammy and Golden Globe-nominated singer-songwriter Scott McFarnon, focuses on the real-life experiences of sex trafficking survivor Jennifer Kempton who was abducted and sold to a local gang for drugs and money by the man she thought was the love of her life. Few people in the West realize that every 30 seconds another person becomes a victim of human trafficking and the problem is not one contained to the developing world. 

    Her captors branded Jennifer as a mark of ownership and control. Driven by her terrible experience, yet empowered by her emancipation, Jennifer set out to help other victims in need and founded the non-profit organisation Survivor’s Ink, which supports human trafficking survivors and offers a donation-funded solution to cover-up, tattoos and replace slavery brands.

    Scott and the filmmaking team worked closely with Jennifer throughout the process, to effectively document her story and support others who have suffered the same pain from human trafficking.

    “Music and film are such great tools in raising awareness of, and fighting back against, trafficking which is a truly horrific modern-day crime that afflicts all parts of the world,” comments Kempton, “My own experience was harrowing and I hope by opening up through this video I’m able to make a difference.”

    Elaborating upon what brought his music and Jennifer’s story together, McFarnon explains, “Human trafficking is a bleak subject upon which to base a short film, but when we discussed how devastating this appalling practice is, and how shockingly prevalent it is, I wanted to do something to raise awareness. Jennifer’s story is one of torture, pain and sadness, but ultimately survival – she’s incredibly inspirational and we hope that ‘Crazy Heart’ raises awareness and encourages people to donate funds to Jennifer’s charity, Survivor’s Ink, to help the victims of this tragic trade.”

    Director Floyd Russ saw a connection between McFarnon’s song and Jennifer’s story, and goes on to explain how the two were united in the ‘Crazy Heart’ video: “The track is about an insatiable drive for life and the right to act on your emotions. Jennifer’s story is centered on how she finds a way to fight for her right to live her own life, to feel her own emotions. We worked on a very tight deadline, with everyone taking a leap of faith to figure things out as your moving. Thankfully, when it's for such a powerful, important story, people are willing to make things happen they normally can't. It's a beautiful thing.”

    Editor Adam Bazadona agrees; "Scott McFarnon’s song Crazy Heart, along with Floyd’s beautiful footage, and Jennifer’s intense and inspiring story, made for a project that was such an honor to work on.  As I learned more about Jennifer’s story, and the work she has been doing to help others, I was determined to do it all justice in the edit.  Collaborating with everyone involved with the project led to a great piece that I hope will help raise much needed awareness to the horrors of human trafficking and sex slavery."

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  • Editor Robert Ryang Joins Cut+Run

    Editor Robert Ryang joins Cut + Run as their newest edition to the New York Office. No stranger to the city, Ryang studied film at Columbia where he gained national and international recognition with a personal project; the AICE Trailer Park-winning “Shining” in which the chilling psychological horror film is reimagined as a romantic comedy. Admired for its genre-flipping editing and the celebration of the craft, the project went viral before the term was commonplace, crashing the server of PS. 260 where Ryang has been an editor for over a decade.

     Indeed “Shining” launched a vibrant editing career, during which Ryang has frequently collaborated with director Jun Diaz including on the recent Cannes, D&AD and One Show awarded Twix Bites TBT via BBDO. He has also enjoyed numerous projects with Randy Krallman, uniting on spots for TDAmeritrade for Havas, Steinlager for Droga 5, and AT&T for BBDO, among other noted agencies and brands. He has also worked with such directors as Paul Feig, Stacy Wall, David Shane, Jon Watts, Ruben Fleischer, Henry Alex Rubin and The Malloys. In addition to branded projects, Ryang has edited music videos for Death Cab for Cutie, Muse, Sleigh Bells and a feature film, “Clown,” for The Weinstein Company.  Recalling his exciting collaboration with Cut+Run, Robert Ryung explains, “I’ve long been impressed with the company’s talent, reach and presence – but what I really appreciate are the people, and the vibe of place. There’s a sense of community and an exciting energy here.” He will be based out of the New York office, and is available for projects in all locations served by the company.