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  • DeMane Davis Directs Queen Sugar

    Director DeMane Davis’ inaugural episode of the acclaimed series Queen Sugar debuts on OWN, and she is now embarking on directing Episode 215, airing October 18. Winner of the NAACP Image Award for Best Drama, the series follows the life of three estranged siblings who move to the heart of Louisiana to claim an inherited sugar farm, and the unfolding challenges that follow. Series creator Ava DuVernay sought out Davis as part of her vision for the show, which is helmed by a roster of women whose work has inspired DuVernay over the years. The production has forged new ground in crew diversity, boasting all female editors in its second season in addition to the female directors for seasons one and two. 

    Davis’ experience as a writer and director affords her the rare understanding of both sides of creating television, film and advertising. Represented as a commercial director through Sweet Rickey, Davis applies astute observation, writing expertise, and the ability to usher forth intimate, powerful performances to her short and long-form work. Among her signature projects, campaigns for Bank of America, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Cigna, as well as the IFC-Spirit Award nominated feature film LIFT, starring Kerry Washington. Queen Sugar is Davis’ foray into directing television.

    Queen Sugar’s episode 206 may be Davis’ television debut, but the director felt the show’s impact long before her involvement. Inspired by DuVernay's commitment to supporting diversity of creative voices, Davis makes powerful choices with a female helmed production company.