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  • Nice Shoes Creative Studio and Taxi Infuse V8 +Energy® With Photoreal Fruit

    Taxi engaged Nice Shoes Creative Studio to animate a series of spots and social media content to showcase the delicious, juicy ingredients that all come together in V8 +Energy®, as well as to visualize the enjoyment of the energy drink expressed by their followers and consumers. The team utilized a blend of creative and technical techniques to execute the campaign, delivering :30 spots with photoreal CG fruit and a campaign of looping 2D-animated GIFs. 

    The team, led by Nice Shoes Creative Director Harry Dorrington initially explored a stop motion approach, but decided it would be best to realize the sequence with photoreal CG fruit to ensure the droplets and splashes of juice were enticing and appealing. CG Director Andy Zazzera and Senior Producer Russ Dube worked together to capture reference of the fruit, shooting it on a turntable so they would get 360 degree skins of the fruit to work off of.

    “Photogrammetry is a very accessible means of 3D scanning and its provides you with a really good base to build upon. It let us obtain good reference for the textures and lighting as we were constructing the fruit,” explained Zazzera. “We approached the lighting as if we were shooting live action food, drawing inspiration from a lot of the beautiful food footage our color team grades. Understanding the aesthetics of lighting for live action and cinematography go a long way in creating a believable photoreal product. We then utilized Houdini to put the finishing touches of some water simulations to make the fruit even more tempting.”

     The launch campaign was followed up with a series of social videos and GIFs that visualized customers’ tweets about V8 +Energy®, realized in a 2D animated style by Dorrington and Art Director/Designer Yandong Qiu, who worked with animation teams in NYC and Toronto. The animation, reminiscent of layered paper cutouts, also incorporated the photoreal fruit and product elements. Qiu and his team designed the initial character sketches in Illustrator before bringing them into After Effects to begin rigging and animating.