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  • Leftchannel’s Animated Short “Fred” Screens at WonderCon

    Leftchannel’s animated short “Fred” embraces an opportunity to screen again at Part 2 of the Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival this week, just a few months after the festival’s first screening at LACMA this past December. The upcoming screening will take place at the Anaheim Convention Center as part of WonderCon, the sister festival of Comic-Con, with more screenings anticipated at other festivals this year as well, including Comic-Con in San Diego.

    Featuring the artistic capabilities of leftchannel’s creative team, “Fred” continues to ride a remarkable festival circuit wave with multiple international screenings, delighting audiences worldwide.

    The WonderCon Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival line-up, including “Fred”’s screening: http://www.comic-con.org/wca/childrens-film-festival