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  • Timber Welcomes Executive Producer Sabrina Elizondo To The Expanding Studio

    Design & digital production studio Timber, headed by Creative Directors/Partners Jonah Hall & Kevin Lau, has welcomed new Executive Producer Sabrina Elizondo to the expanding studio. Bringing a stellar tenure of experience to her new role as EP, Sabrina has jumped right into the myriad of projects Timber is in the midst of producing including three Super Bowl spots. Timber’s new work also includes the launch of the recent CBS promo “Witness Greatness,” encouraging viewers to tune-in for “The Grammy’s” and the “Super Bowl in February, via TBWA/Chiat/Day. (www.timber.net)

    “Sabrina brings experience, energy and style to our company, which is growing bigger and doing more every day,” says Timber Creative Director/Partner Jonah Hall. “With such a solid foundation in production, design and visual effects; Sabrina could have gone anywhere, but she came here. She’s the perfect fit for Timber and we’re thrilled to have her as part of our team,” adds Timber Creative Director/Partner Kevin Lau.

    Sabrina joins Timber from a solid 10-year career at literally the top studios in the industry today, including stints at: The Mill, Method, Arsenal FX, Brand New School, Woodshop and Stardust. A graduate of Loyola Marymount, Sabrina entered the advertising/marketing industry directly, and has honed her producing skills at literally the best studios in the production and postproduction industry. In addition to her postproduction work, Sabrina has served every four years as a Senior Broadcast Liaison for HBS, instrumental in producing the World Cup. This unique experience has taken her traveling around the world to Brazil, South Africa, Germany and Korea.

    Visit: www.timber.net