• Riverstreet Supports Pablove Foundation With Powerful Short Doc Featuring “Spark” by Gracie Abrams and The Bird & The Bee

    Singer-songwriter Gracie Abrams partnered with The Bird & The Bee’s Inara George and 2017 Grammy award-winning Producer of the Year Greg Kurstin on the release of “Spark." The song is part of a multimedia campaign developed in partnership with Pablove and production company Riverstreet, and launched for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. 100% of the proceeds of the song benefit the Pablove Foundation, a non-profit based in Los Angeles that raises money for pediatric cancer research. Listen to the song, and download it here: https://pablove.bandcamp.com/releases

    “Spark” is the score on "Pablove One Another,” a moving documentary short film produced by production company Riverstreet and directed by the company’s co-founders Tracy Pion and Michael Blum. The film explores Pablove’s Shutterbug program for children undergoing cancer treatment, and its powerful connection to the cancer research work that Pablove funds. The seven-minute film, now available to view online first premiered at a Pablove Foundation fundraiser and helped raise over 550,000 in an hour. It was the pivotal moment that sparked the expansion of the campaign through song. 

    Riverstreet is known for its branding and image campaigns, commercials, interstitials, cross-promotions and network specials for such clients as TBS, ABC, E!, NBC, and Disney. With concept development, scripting, design, animation, live action production, editorial and completion services under one unified direction, Riverstreet is also committed to lending its advertising and production expertise to philanthropic causes. Longtime friends of Pablove Foundation founders Jo Ann Thrailkill and Jeff Castelaz, Tracy Pion and Michael Blum are honored to be a part of the team behind this multi-faceted awareness campaign. 

  • Eleven Celebrates Mixer Ben Freer’s 10th Anniversary & Jordan Meltzer’s Promotion To Mixer

    Eleven Celebrates Mixer Ben Freer’s 10th Anniversary & Jordan Meltzer’s Promotion To Mixer

    Boutique studio Eleven has made its mark as an industry leader in sound mixing for commercials and other media. A plethora of factors contributed to its success, but the most significant are its people -- among them, Mixer Ben Freer who celebrates a milestone 10th anniversary with Eleven this year, and Jordan Meltzer with a promotion to Mixer.

    A Manchester-native with a California upbringing Freer was inspired by all things sound from a young age and was first introduced to Eleven as an intern in 2007. He quickly climbed the ranks to become an official staff member the same year. Freer has mixed for renowned clients in the advertising and multimedia industries, including Toyota, GMC, T-Mobile, Nike, H&R Block, The Weeknd and Lorde.

    A Los Angeles native, Jordan Meltzer got hooked on sound and began gravitating towards the craft after seeing The Who perform at the Hollywood Bowl at age 9. After joining Eleven as an intern, similar to Freer, he climbed the ranks and took on a newfound role as Assistant Mixer, building his portfolio on a variety of films and commercials with clients HP, Dodge, Disney, FitBit & Sam Smith. Meltzer’s remarkable contributions lead him to a recent promotion as Mixer and Sound Designer.


  • Arcade’s Dave Anderson Edits Comedic Interpretations of NFL’s Fantasy Football in Snickers’ Latest Campaign

    With the NFL Football season in full swing, Snickers is bringing the laughs with new campaign spots “Fantasy Night” and “Number One Fantasy,” edited by Arcade’s Dave Anderson. The spots center around fans in football gatherings misinterpreting the meaning of “Fantasy,” done with brilliant comedic timing through Anderson’s measured edit.


    To view the spots, click here: http://www.arcadeedit.com/category/news/

  • Timber Unravels A World Of Fantasy In Kelly Clarkson's New Music Video "Love So Soft"

    Timber's renowned team of creatives have once again transcended the visual experience with their VFX & design wizardry, this time for Kelly Clarkson's fantastical new music video, "Love So Soft." The stylistic piece captivates viewers throughout with a whimsical exposition of Kelly Clarkson in various settings, synchronized with the soulful, jazzy notion of the song.

  • Cut+Run Editor Ben Campbell Edits Beautifully Quirky & Original Campaign For Squarespace

    Squarespace’s new TV campaign, directed by Biscuit’s Andreas Nilsson and edited by Cut+Run’s Ben Campbell, blends offbeat comedy with quirky art direction. “Atlas,” “Magician,” and “Storytellers,” all feature an eccentric cast of characters and tongue-in-cheek data references to demonstrate how Squarespace can help you stand out from the sea of sameness. View the campaign here: https://wdrv.it/f4c56aa3c

  • Arcade Editor Dave Anderson Puts Royal Friendships To The Test In Bud Light's New Campaign

    Arcade Editor Dave Anderson puts royal friendships to the test in Bud Light's new campaign spot titled "Banquet," featuring a medieval feast with a King and Queen receiving gifts from their subjects. The humorous spot proves: "if you can't count on a friend to bring Bud Light to the party, then that's not a friend you can count on.

  • Lord Danger & Director Mike Diva Entice You To “Eat The Ice Cream” With Halo Top

    Halo Top CEO & Founder Justin Woolverton partnered with Creative Production Studio Lord Danger and director Mike Diva to create a stylized, futuristic narrative “Eat The Ice Cream.”  The brand-supported short has launched via social channels and will screen in select theaters. And while Halo Top may be naturally sweet, the film’s tenor is hardly saccharine, both in plot and the shoot’s infamous location: The 14th Factory’s art installation meant to recreate the white bedroom in Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey." 

    Mike Diva, is a director, musician, and YouTube personality known for making original content from music videos to memes. Diva is part of the talent at Lord Danger, a creative production studio focused on developing bold, innovative commercials, branded content and music videos for every screen. To find out more about Lord Danger, visit: http://www.lorddanger.com

  • Brandon Tapp Named Executive Producer for Production Company Lucky 21

    Brandon Tapp Named Executive Producer for Production Company Lucky 21

    Production company Lucky 21 announces the addition of Executive Producer Brandon Tapp. Tapp will be based out of Camp Lucky, Lucky 21’s new Austin office.

    Tapp has a deep history and multifaceted experience in film and entertainment, starting as a student of cinema while at the University of Texas. Tapp spent his early years in Los Angeles touring as a drummer for an indie-rock band before transitioning back into film working on features “The Return” and “Infamous” as well as television series “Friday Night Lights” and A&E’s “Rollergirls.”

    Delving into commercial production, Tapp found a passion in short-form and worked his way up from Production Assistant to PM and Line Producer, accumulating a thorough understanding of the production process. Over the years, he has produced spots for brands GMC, AT&T, Walmart, 7-Eleven, McDonald's, Blue Cross Blue Shield, RAM Trucks, and Valero. In addition to live action, Tapp simultaneously produces for music houses and performs/co-produces musical compositions for national commercial spots including Google, John Deere, Tide, Toyota, Southwest Airlines and Nissan.

    Tapp’s knowledge runs the gamut and his trusted stewardship of long and short form narrative work made him the right fit to be at the helm of Lucky 21’s Austin expansion.

    Featuring six bungalows, Camp Lucky was inspired by the original 1930’s residences flanking Austin’s iconic South Congress neighborhood. Originally created to foster a thriving work environment and strong community, this spirit is re-ignited in Camp Lucky -- a creative community of storytellers, artists, filmmakers, and the headquarters for Lucky 21’s Austin office.

  • International Design Firm Little Big Bang Goes West! Launches New Studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico

    International Design Firm Little Big Bang Goes West! Launches New Studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Seizing on a new trend, multicultural and international design firm Little Big Bang Studios, originally based in Miami, has expanded west and opened a new studio in artist-centric Santa Fe, New Mexico. The award-winning team, led by Co-Founders/Creative Directors Cynthia Beauclair and Ricardo Barros, draw upon their fine-arts background to produce stellar work that is impactful and aesthetically pleasing. Check out the studio’s all-new web site at: www.littlebigbangstudios.com

    For Beauclair and Barros, their combined global experiences shape how they see the world. Having garnered numerous industry awards from PromaxBDA, the Addys and the Tellys, Little Big Bang offers branding solutions for the film and television industry, advertising agencies and small businesses. A list of services includes: design and animation, show and network branding, large-format displays and digital signage, title sequences and credits, corporate presentations and events, commercial production, and art direction.

    Just this year, Little Big Bang has recently completed a series of forward-thinking, new projects including: “La Banda” (from Syco, the same creator of “American Idol” from Simon Cowell) and FremantleMedia, which airs on Univision. Little Big Bang is currently working on “Future Fantasy Delight,” a series of five-minute trailers, produced by Meow Wolf (www.meowwolf.com). The Little Big Bang team is providing traditional animation techniques, as well as 3D animation for this unique series and a graphics open for the Meow Wolf documentary, set for the Sundance Film Festival.

    “Design comes first for us,” Beauclair concludes. “We are a global studio, which is multi-disciplinary, and provide turn-key solutions for our clients. We like to develop client ideas and provide new solutions. And, we strive every day to be unique without pretense.” Barros adds: “We love to collaborate with clients and artists every day. We simply love what we do, and we have fun doing it.”

  • Lucky Post’s Marc Stone Edits “Busy Is A 4-Letter Word” for Canada Dry & The Richards Group

    A new video presented by Canada Dry exposes the complicated feelings associated with the notion of busy and how, to many, it’s a four letter word. The documentary project, via The Richards Group, directed by Kyle Ruddick and edited by Lucky Post’s Marc Stone, sets the stage for a tricky and often emotional conversation between duos who perceive busy differently.

    Each side is utterly relatable - from those who feel invigorated and those who feel overlooked. Secretly asked to write down what they perceive when the word busy is elicited, the difference between the user and receiver is startling and the reaction, powerful.

    Marc Stone blended the many genuine and varied responses, as unique as the duos themselves, into the bigger picture story about what Canada Dry refers to as an epidemic of busyness. As the couples (husbands & wives, best friends, a father and son) come together on a solitary green couch, they begin to understand each other’s impressions and the importance of taking time for what matters most.

    “You can approach this ‘epidemic’ in many ways visually” says Stone, “but editing real people and real conversations has intrinsic and powerful relatability, you just have to find the nuances that bring together the individual stories into one cohesive movement.”