• Arcade Editors Jeff Ferruzzo & Paul Martinez Celebrate a Dual Win at the 2017 AICE Awards

    Arcade Editors Jeff Ferruzzo & Paul Martinez Celebrate a Dual Win at the 2017 AICE Awards

    Arcade Editors Jeff Ferruzzo and Paul Martinez celebrated dual victories at the 2017 AICE Awards, taking top prize in two distinguished categories. Jeff Ferruzzo edited Dick’s Sporting Goods’ “Fifth Ward Saints” campaign, which was honored in the “Docu-Style” category, while Paul Martinez edited Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ “Dark Necessities,” which was honored in the “Music Video” category.

    To view the AICE Award-winning work, go here:

    Dick’s Sporting Goods -- “Fifth Ward Saints”

    Red Hot Chilli Peppers – “Dark Necessities”

  • Bullitt’s Mouse McCoy Directs “Hot Lap” for BMW and Agency KBS

    In honor of the world’s fastest accelerator, BMW’s latest activation has start-up entrepreneurs pitch their game-changing ideas while hurtling around a track in “Hot Lap.” Featuring videos directed by Bullitt director Mouse McCoy, the “BMW Hot Lap Pitch” shows just where speed, precision, and smart ideas can lead: the fast track to fruition.

    Tapping McCoy’s unique intersection of experience in documentary, automotive and 360 projects, the “BMW Hot Lap Pitch” is a filmed live event, a brand-supported concept created by KBS, where participants, prepared to pitch their innovative ideas, were unexpectedly introduced to the pressure and intensity of the high speed pitch ride. Crafting a climate that worked both as an in person experience and one that would play out on screen, involved intensive planning and coordination with the agency and production teams. As the “BMW Hot Lap Pitch,” campaign reveals, the intersection of brand-supported entertainment aligns with innovation to support big ideas with the potential for huge effect.

    See the filmed pitches, including the winning idea, here: https://www.bmwusa.com/hot-lap-pitch.html

  • New Orbitz Campaign Feat. Randy Rainbow & Margaret Cho by Advertainment Agency BARK BARK

    Orbitz launched a new campaign, developed by advertainment agency BARK BARK, that inspires customers to “come see the great big world” - a message that has become more important as global events nibble away at the desire of people to move beyond their comfort zones. Featuring an original, Broadway musical-style score, the Orbitz campaign bridges the gap between entertainment and advertising by delivering a ‘call to travel’ message starring social celebrity/comedian/singer Randy Rainbow, writer/comic Margaret Cho, actor/RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio, and noted performer (The Tonight Show, Today Show) Miss Richfield 1981.

    Orbitz approached BARK BARK to develop a tribute to the power of inclusion and diversity in travel. BARK BARK worked closely with one of their formal production partners, Hazy Mills Productions (Grimm, Hollywood Game Night, The History of Comedy), to produce the inspiring and uplifting musical which is set at the TSA checkpoint -- the gateway through which people of all backgrounds, ages, and interests must pass to commence their travel adventures.

    "Reaching out to a wide range of different communities has long been a part of Orbitz’ DNA, which has allowed us to help all people expand their horizons by making it easy and rewarding to explore the world," says Jeff Marsh, director of marketing for Orbitz. "By combining well-known personalities, an infectious soundtrack and a healthy dose of fun, I think that we have succeeded in bringing that message to life."

    “Orbitz was a truly amazing partner on this project. When we suggested a bold all-media content campaign where travel is the cure to what ails you, they totally got it. Orbitz’ marketing team supported us all the way with a clear vision of message and a dedication to delivering something truly original that speaks to the brand’s core value,” says Brian Tolleson, Head of Content and Managing Partner at BARK BARK. “I think this campaign authentically acknowledges the anxiety many Americans feel right now, that many brands feel right now, and counters that by highlighting the fun and benefits of travel. ” continues Tolleson, “Something that all people can agree upon is that when you get out and see the world you realize, first of all, that it’s round…there aren’t simply two sides to any issue or any culture. That’s a great consumer proposition in today’s world.”

  • Arcade's Paul Martinez Edits Miley Cyrus' New Music Video "Malibu"

    Arcade's Paul Martinez weaves Malibu's ethereal coastline with Miley Cyrus' artistry in the pop-star's latest music video, "Malibu." The exquisite visuals of Malibu's beaches, waterfalls and rock formations are intertwined with a delightful exposition of Miley Cyrus in her new element. Martinez collaborated closely with Director Diane Martel of Hound Content.

  • Eleven’s Ben Freer Mixes “Family Meetings” With Animated Home Appliances In Direct Energy’s Latest Campaign

    Eleven Mixer/Sound Designer Ben Freer provides an immersive and animated audible experience in his sound mixing for Direct Energy’s latest spots. The endearing campaign combines amusing family scenarios with playful, animated home appliances that share their views on energy saving.

    Click here to view the new spots: http://postspots.com/d/j/12fe8c2016

  • Editor Nate Cali Joins Nomad Editing

    Editor Nate Cali Joins Nomad Editing

    Nomad is pleased to announce the signing of editor Nate Cali to its roster. Nate, who will be based out of the Santa Monica office, has edited campaigns for clients including Nike, Reebok, Red Bull, Taco Bell, Capital One and Funny or Die. To view Nate Cali’s reel at Nomad:  NATE CALI

    Prior to Nomad, Nate had worked at both Union Editorial as well as Optimus, where he progressed quickly from an assistant editor to a partner in the company.

    “Our creative culture has always been a huge part of Nomad’s brand. When we met Nate, we spoke about how he approaches work. That, combined with his talent and the range of his skill, told us immediately felt he was a perfect fit,” says partner Glenn Martin.

    While at the Los Angeles Film School, Nate studied under Danford B. Greene, who cut “Blazing Saddles.” “My mother was a stand-up comedian,” reveals Nate, “I always knew I wanted to cut comedy. Danford taught me how to make people laugh by highlighting reactions instead of actions.”

  • Nice Shoes Creative Studio Animates Friendship With A Twist With Twizzlers

    To celebrate how “every friendship has a twist,” Twizzlers and Anomaly selected 16 artists to design a fun series of limited edition packaging, illustrating the various ways in which people enjoy Twizzlers together. Nice Shoes Creative Studio, led by Creative Director Matt Greenwood, came on board to introduce and explore the worlds of these packages with a vibrant animated 15-second spot with bold pop stylings.

    Three of the limited edition packages are featured in the fast-paced spot, bringing to life the scenarios of car DJing, “ugly crying” at the movies, and studying in the library, before ending on a massive shot that incorporates all of the packaging. Each pack has its own style, characters, and color scheme, unique to the original artists, and Nice Shoes was careful to work to preserve this as they crafted the spot.

    “We were really inspired by the illustrations. We stayed close to the original style and brought them into a 3d space,” explained Greenwood. “There’s only a few seconds to register each package, so the challenge was to bring all the different styles and colors together within this time span. Select characters and objects carry over from one scene into the next, acting as transitional elements. The Twizzlers logo stays on-screen throughout, acting as a constant amongst the choreographed craziness.”

    “The team at Nice Shoes was incredible to work with. We were blown away from the first meeting,” said Anomaly Copywriter Roni Gellert. “They felt like real partners with us on the project and brought our ideas to life brilliantly and effortlessly,” added Anomaly Art Director Iva Prkacin.

  • Bullitt’s Peyton Reed Directs “Be The Guardian of Your Galaxy” for Ford and Agency GTB

    The newly-released Ford EcoSport commercial features Groot from Marvel Studios’ upcoming feature Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in the starring role of a wild ride in “Be the Guardian of Your Galaxy.” Directed by Bullitt director Peyton Reed for agency GTB, the spot centers on a young woman who receives a gift of a Groot figure from her boyfriend, launching a fantasy in which she and Groot – animated by Method Studios - escape enemies in a high-speed chase thanks to Groot’s advice and the Ford EcoSport…before being launched back into reality.

    According to director Reed, “The biggest challenge of the project was balancing the action and effects with the comedy. Tone is crucial in a spot like this, especially when taking a character like Baby Groot out of the context of ‘Guardians’ and putting him into our world. I’ve always gravitated toward kinetic, visual comedy in my film work. More recently, with the Marvel Studios’ ‘Ant-Man’ movies, I’ve been able to work on a much bigger canvas with extensive visual effects. The Ford spot was a perfect fit.”

  • Splice Contributes Editorial, VFX & Color to “Voice From the Stone,” Starring Emilia Clarke

    Splice Contributes Editorial, VFX & Color to “Voice From the Stone,” Starring Emilia Clarke

    Led by Editor Clayton Condit, the creative team at Splice collaborated very closely with Director Eric D. Howell and Producer Dean Zanuck on their new film “Voice From the Stone,” starring Emilia Clarke (“Game of Thrones,” “Terminator Genisys”) and Marton Csokas (“The Lord of the Rings”). Shot on location in Italy, the film made its premiere at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival in April, and is currently in theatrical release at the Laemmle Santa Monica and in 10 cities across the U.S. with international distribution to follow. “Voice From the Stone” is also available on cable and digital demand. www.voicefromthestone.com

    Under the guidance of Editor Clayton Condit, the Splice team contributed editorial, visual effects and color for “Voice From the Stone.” Condit traveled on-set to Italy for the film’s production, as well as the recording of the film’s score in London, and final mix at George Lucas’ Skywalker Sound in Northern California. Director Eric Howell has a long-standing collaboration with Condit and Splice, having completed editorial and postproduction on many of his commercial projects over the years. “Splice was the perfect collaborative partner for the postproduction on this film,” says Howell. “This is a very nuanced film, and so there needed to be a delicate balance on what story we were telling. It is a very intelligent film, so as we took in feedback about what was working and wasn’t, it was great that we had such a close collaboration with everyone at Splice. It was really a family affair.”

    Splice Executive Producer Drew Sondeland oversaw the management of the postproduction phase and all of its assets for "Voice From the Stone.” “This was a wonderful film to manage,” he notes. “The passion and dedication of the film’s Director (Eric Howell) and Producer (Dean Zanuck) provided amazing inspiration for us. When the first frames started coming in from the set in Italy, we knew we had a beautiful film and amazing opportunity on our hands. The schedule was such that we needed to role out all departments in Splice simultaneously. The energy that gets created when we’ve got everyone focused on one vision is always a blast.”

  • Nice Shoes Creative Studio and Taxi Infuse V8 +Energy® With Photoreal Fruit

    Taxi engaged Nice Shoes Creative Studio to animate a series of spots and social media content to showcase the delicious, juicy ingredients that all come together in V8 +Energy®, as well as to visualize the enjoyment of the energy drink expressed by their followers and consumers. The team utilized a blend of creative and technical techniques to execute the campaign, delivering :30 spots with photoreal CG fruit and a campaign of looping 2D-animated GIFs. 

    The team, led by Nice Shoes Creative Director Harry Dorrington initially explored a stop motion approach, but decided it would be best to realize the sequence with photoreal CG fruit to ensure the droplets and splashes of juice were enticing and appealing. CG Director Andy Zazzera and Senior Producer Russ Dube worked together to capture reference of the fruit, shooting it on a turntable so they would get 360 degree skins of the fruit to work off of.

    “Photogrammetry is a very accessible means of 3D scanning and its provides you with a really good base to build upon. It let us obtain good reference for the textures and lighting as we were constructing the fruit,” explained Zazzera. “We approached the lighting as if we were shooting live action food, drawing inspiration from a lot of the beautiful food footage our color team grades. Understanding the aesthetics of lighting for live action and cinematography go a long way in creating a believable photoreal product. We then utilized Houdini to put the finishing touches of some water simulations to make the fruit even more tempting.”

     The launch campaign was followed up with a series of social videos and GIFs that visualized customers’ tweets about V8 +Energy®, realized in a 2D animated style by Dorrington and Art Director/Designer Yandong Qiu, who worked with animation teams in NYC and Toronto. The animation, reminiscent of layered paper cutouts, also incorporated the photoreal fruit and product elements. Qiu and his team designed the initial character sketches in Illustrator before bringing them into After Effects to begin rigging and animating.